Removal of restriction from leasehold property?

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10:41 AM, 17th March 2020
About 10 months ago

Removal of restriction from leasehold property?

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Removal of restriction from leasehold property?

I am currently trying to get a secure loan against my property. Everything is fine from the loan side my issue is that the property is leasehold and Redrow who sold on my leasehold still have a restriction on my title deed.

They have told me in writing that they no longer have an interest in my property, but will not remove the restriction until the new landlord (not really new been paying ground rent to them for over 5 years) registers their charges.

The landlord refuses to do this and has said that they don’t need to do this. I am very frustrated and wondered if i can remove the restriction myself as the leasehold tenant with an Rx3 or will I need to get legal help to do this.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Editor’s Note:

Cancel a restriction: registration (RX3) >>

Use this form to cancel a restriction if you are not the beneficiary.

If you wish to cancel a joint proprietor (Form A) restriction, you can use form ST5 to provide the necessary evidence to cancel the restriction but you still need to complete form RX3 as well.

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