Providing vital information about a tenant

by Lorna Rose

9:13 AM, 20th April 2011
About 10 years ago

Providing vital information about a tenant

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Providing vital information about a tenant

Technology is one the most effective weapons in the fight against unscrupulous tenants.

Letting agents, landlords and local authorities have turned to technology to give them vital information about prospective tenants before handing over the keys to their properties.

Electronic information sharing is a valuable part of the landlord’s defence system these days. Referencing for example can let a landlord know something about the background of the person wanting to rent from them.

There is also now a nationwide database being built by TenantID which aims to provide even more in-depth information about a prospective tenant’s letting history. The aim is to have a single source of information available to a national network of letting agents, local authorities and landlords which will show whether a prospective tenant has defaulted on rent, caused damage, looked after a property or breached their tenancy agreement.

To do this without technology would be virtually impossible yet thanks to the internet, this information can be accessed by those in the network within seconds.

So if you are in the property letting business and bitterly resent the fact your eight year old niece can type War and Peace on a smart phone the size of an ant in a matter of minutes, just remember not all technology is infuriating.

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