Property Investors Awards Property Trader of The Year Saif Derzi

Property Investors Awards Property Trader of The Year Saif Derzi

0:00 AM, 17th May 2023, About A year ago 1

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In 2015, Saif Derzi bought his first property, he then went on to buy 2 more properties in 2017 and incorporated his property investment and trading business in 2018. Fast forward 5 years and he has bought and sold over 160 properties within SDGB Properties.

Saif first entered the property world when he set out to build a property investment portfolio made up primarily of HMOs in blue collar areas.

He said he quickly realised it was very capital intensive which meant lots of money was going out of the bank and nothing was coming back in quickly enough.

He sold the HMOs once they were fully refurbed and then became hooked on trading.

SDGB Properties trade residential properties which makes up for 80% of their trading activity. Trading residential properties gives them the freedom to earn cash flow and not have costs such as utilities and council tax to pay while waiting to trade them out.

This also gives them a great exit in case they don’t sell it for the price they want to achieve. It allows them to hold it as a secondary worst-case exit and means they never become a motivated seller.

When selecting a property to trade the company believe speed and certainty is a key factor.

Saif won Property Trader of the Year in 2022 at The Property Investors Awards where he put forward a land deal that he had bought back in December 2020 and trade out in June 2021. It was a 3.5 acre site that had out line planning for 26 houses, Saif decided to trade it on rather than build it out himself even though the returns to develop it were in the millions.

One important point they have discovered is putting their trades into auctions where the date of the auction is a few days before the next Bank of England meeting due to the perceived nature of interest rate hikes on investors emotions.

The company believe walking a mile in the sellers shoes to understand what they are looking for.

Saif and his team manage over 400 properties for landlords and investors through his Portfolio Building Company Let-Co and owns and runs a cash buying company called Property Buyers Today.

Property Buyers Today is the only cash buying company in the UK with five star google reviews. The company believe the reason for this is due to the ethical nature of the way they trade and operate.

For the future SDGB properties hope to continue to expand and continue to trade up to 5 properties/month ethically in the property trading sector.

If you would like to contact SDGB Properties please call 020 8895 6950 or email

To find out more about the Property Investors Awards please click >>

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Elizabeth Warburton

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11:17 AM, 20th March 2023, About A year ago

Saif is such an inspiration - what a top guy! Thanks for the chat Saif and I am excited to watch your progress in 2023!

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