Police issue advice to landlords on how to avoid cannabis factories

Police issue advice to landlords on how to avoid cannabis factories

0:02 AM, 9th July 2024, About 2 weeks ago 1

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Police have issued a warning to landlords after a cannabis factory was discovered in a residential property in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

A 32-year-old man has been jailed for 45 months after pleading guilty to producing a Class B drug.

Following reports of suspicious activity, officers from Wellingborough’s neighbourhood policing team executed a warrant and found a sophisticated cannabis growing operation in the house.

There were 60 plants in various stages of growth, worth an estimated £75,000, which were seized along with related growing equipment.

Financial burden on landlords

The team’s PC Tom Wileman stressed the negative impact cannabis factories have on neighbourhoods and the financial burden they place on landlords.

He said: “Landlords should be aware cannabis factories cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to a property and the impact on them financially is huge as they will bear the cost of the clean-up and repair.

“I would also encourage both members of the public and landlords to take a look at the signs below and let us know of anything suspicious which may indicate a cannabis factory is being set up or in operation, so we can take it down and prosecute those responsible for setting it up.”

Urging landlords to be vigilant

Police are urging landlords to be vigilant and conduct regular inspections of their properties to avoid being an unwitting host of a cannabis factory.

The police say landlords should verify tenant identities and prevent subletting are crucial steps to avoid unknowingly housing a criminal operation.

Signs of a cannabis factory include:

  • Closed curtains, even in hot weather
  • Strange activity at odd hours with vehicles coming and going late at night
  • Strong cannabis odours emanating from the property
  • Unusual light patterns, including light coming from the roof or leaking through the building
  • Constant sounds of fans running
  • Cables running to or from lampposts
  • Large amounts of gardening waste being disposed of
  • Occupants rarely seen, except at unusual times
  • Excessive condensation on windows
  • Unexplained deliveries of fertiliser at odd hours.

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18:46 PM, 9th July 2024, About A week ago

It's really concerning when these things happen. I think for landlords, staying vigilant is key—doing regular checks on their properties and being aware of any unusual signs can make a big difference. Maybe there are new technologies or methods they could use to keep an eye on things more effectively.

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