What is the point in Council Tax banding in Liverpool?

What is the point in Council Tax banding in Liverpool?

12:39 PM, 10th October 2016, About 6 years ago 2

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What is the point of having different bands (A-G) for paying Council Tax if your property is a studio worth £25,000 in Liverpool?pointless

Most properties are in Band “A” and that ranges from a five bedroom house to just a room with a kitchenette and build in bathroom.
So one large bedroom (self contained) pays the same as one large 5 bedroom house with two receptions, large bathroom, large kitchen, own rear patio and front garden.

Why are people who opt for the cheapest accommodation of a studio are having to pay the same Council Tax band as a large family in a large accommodation.
What is the point of a differentiated Band system when for the cheapest tenants there is not such a thing as differentiated?

What is the point for a landlord with several bedsits in a large house when any of the bedsits is empty he/she has to pay the full Council Tax for every bedsit?

On top f the Council tax, now is the Liverpool Licensing which again makes the landlord pay £400/£350 for every bedsit?

Of course, the landlord has the utilities bills to pay for during the empty periods which is the reason why many new bedsits or studios as is also refer go for the option of having a bathroom for the exclusive use of the studio but just outside the studio main door.

Why these anomalies are not rectify to charge tenants and landlords according to a specific “band”?


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14:49 PM, 10th October 2016, About 6 years ago

Band A is the minimum (excepting adjustment for a disabled band reduction) so no matter how it goes under the current system you'll never be in a lower band.

A 5 bedroom house is one property for council tax purposes but would never be in Band A unless it had been (massively) extended and never sold/transferred to another party since then.

A house with, for example, 5 self contained bedrooms, each of which is rented individually would however pay more by virtue of it being 5 individual properties for council tax banding purposes.

Craig /lgfa92

Larry Sweeney

10:48 AM, 12th October 2016, About 6 years ago

When Council tax replaced the Poll tax, all properties were banded depending on their valuations back in 1991. That is where the different bands originate. With respect to the Licence fees for the individual units, if the reader has Bedsits/Hmo then it is a HMO Licence that he should apply for rather than a selective Licence.

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