New HMO Article 4 announced while HMO is being built?

New HMO Article 4 announced while HMO is being built?

8:24 AM, 14th February 2022, About 2 years ago

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What do you do if an Article 4 is announced before you have built your HMO? A popular HMO Article 4 question we get asked a lot is while your HMO is under construction, we are regularly asked “How does an Article 4 affect my proposed HMO.”

We are back again with Linda Wright, who answers another of your readers’ questions.

Pin145 has asked for advice on their HMO and a NEW Article 4 which has been announced and introduced.

What happens when the council introduces a new Article 4 restricting HMO’s while you are carrying out work on your HMO. Is your HMO safe if you have started work, completed work or does it need to be let?

We discuss not just the planning aspects, but also the difference between HMO Planning and HMO Licensing. Having an HMO licence does not automatically grant you planning permission for an HMO

Watch the full video below for a deep dive on this topic:

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