Monthly statutory periodic tenancy notice period?

by Readers Question

11:09 AM, 24th September 2014
About 7 years ago

Monthly statutory periodic tenancy notice period?

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Monthly statutory periodic tenancy notice period?

Please could someone advice at your earliest convenience what the above phrase means? Monthly statutory periodic tenancy notice period

Initially I was in a 6 months contract with house agency. I started living in the house from 1st of the month. However after two lots of 6 months completed, I opted for a month to month contract.

I would like to terminate the contract and thus I gave a notice period from the 15th of September – 14th October.

The agency is not agreeing, and says that the notice period should be from the 1st of the month.

In addition to this, a new tenant has accepted the offer to take on the same house once I leave. The new tenants starting date is 21st October.

The agency has advised me that I should pay until the date the new tenant moves in ie until 20th October, because ideally my termination should be from start of the month ie 1st October to 31st October.. and that the inspection will take place after I leave and if any damage is done, will need a week to sort out before the new tenant starts living in it.

I requested that the inspection should be done prior to my leaving date (i.e. inspection on the same day), and that once I hand over the keys, it will not be my responsibility thereafter, nor will I be liable for anything.

Please could someone advise on the following:

1) is the agency correct in saying that the notice period should be from the 1st of the month, because I initially started living in the house from the 1st of the month?

2) if the notice period to 14th October is acceptable, can the agency force me to pay until the 20th October, because the new tenant is moving in the house on the 21st October?
Your help is much appreciated.



Denise Dee

9:18 AM, 20th February 2015
About 6 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Julie Ford" at "24/09/2014 - 12:20":

Can I ask a question linked to this topic? I am a new landlord and I have a tenant who wants to leave : she emailed me on the 19th Feb and wants to leave by the end of the month, 28th Feb. The notice period is not explicit in the AST agreement but it does clearly state that the rent is payable monthly, 17th of each calendar month(which is the AST start date). She paid cash for the first months rent but asked if she could pay weekly as that would suit her working position better than monthly payments, I agreed, though no changes to the AST were made. She has been in the property just on 9 months. She has been told by a letting agency, presumably while looking for a bigger house, that she only needs to give one weeks notice as she pays weekly. I think she should give me one months notice as the original AST state monthly rent payable. When her 6 month AST tenancy ended I have assumed that her contract is monthly and this is what the AST states, regardless of when she actually pays the rent. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, as it is now she has effectively given me 8 days notice!

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