LSA warns landlords: recession is coming

LSA warns landlords: recession is coming

11:08 AM, 17th June 2022, About 2 months ago

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Recession is looming around the corner. It’s an unavoidable topic, and smart landlords are reacting fast. A report by Propertymark found a massive spike in landlords getting out of the rental industry and that 53% of buy-to-let properties sold in March 2022 left the private rented sector (PRS) completely. Landlord Sales Agency, a company which has grown to be one of the UK’s most trusted property portfolio sales companies warned that landlords could no longer avoid a decision they needed to start making now: sell before the recession and cost of living crisis hits prices and sales.

There’s no doubt that the time to act is now, and the sooner the better. Landlords cashing in now will not only get the highest price for their property portfolios, but they’ll also avoid the legislation changes that will inevitably make holding onto a portfolio a huge financial drain. Experts are suggesting that even selling part of your buy-to-let property portfolio is a wise decision – “it’s the highest release of equity you’ll get for another 7 years, and you’ll need it to weather the storm,” advised David Coughlin, CEO of Landlord Sales Agency.

It’s precisely this trusted advice that has made Landlord Sales Agency specialists in selling rental property. Owned by two private landlords, who themselves have both successfully sold their buy-to-let properties and cashed in, they know exactly what to do to help other landlords. What’s more, they’re passionately on the side of landlords, with first-hand experience of getting landlords the most money possible out of their assets. They’re also extremely sensitive to tenant needs, ensuring that they sell the properties without landlords having to evict tenants at all, and with minimal landlord involvement. “Unlike other companies, we have a list of buyers who will buy your properties without having to evict tenants. This dramatically cuts down the time it takes to sell, plus means that you can continue collecting rent all the way up until the actual sale. For those properties that require evictions, we personally help your tenants relocate, or help them financially to find a new place. We understand how to navigate those relationships, so you don’t have to worry, even with tenants that have been in situ for years. We know exactly what to do to help them. Leave it to us.”  They’ll take it all off your hands, and get you the highest price for your portfolios in less than 21 days. “We sell entire property portfolios, or partial portfolios in bulk in one go.

We’ve got an extensive list of over 30,000 private buyers and relationships with the top property buying companies. Most of our portfolios sell within a week.”

With strong relationships with established property industry giants such as LandlordZONE and Property118, it’s clear they’ve got the approval of the landlord community. We’re about delivering speed, efficiency, and exceptional customer service. That’s what landlords need. With a recession just around the corner, we don’t have time to waste, and we need a company we can trust. I couldn’t find one out there, so I created my own, with a mission to help other landlords” said Landlord Sales Agency’s CEO, David Coughlin.

Landlord Sales Agency sell properties either in one go as a full portfolio or as single units, depending on your instruction. Unlike traditional estate agents, or other property buying companies, both methods are extremely fast. They work quickly to collect information about rent, tenant history, running costs and ensure all certificates are in place to guarantee the sale is not delayed. If any certificates are missing, they have a team of engineers, builders and experts who will get all the certificates and paperwork done for you. The stress is completely removed from the sale, and seller involvement is kept to a minimum so you can relax knowing it’s in swift and extremely capable hands.

Furthermore, Landlord Sales Agency takes their promise to ‘solve any landlord problem’ so seriously that, as a result of the number of enquiries they receive from landlords with cash flow problems, they can also use the equity tied into the property to offer an interest-free loan of up to £20,000 to be repaid on completion.

“We know what it’s like right now to be a landlord who is thinking of selling, and who wants to release cash. We’re so confident in what we do, we can afford to go the extra mile to really help landlords get through, and get the highest possible price for their property portfolio before the market drops.”

You’d think that for so much work, landlords would have to compromise on the sale price, but that’s not the case. “We typically achieve 80 – 90% of the market value, and for that, we cover all the costs and take away all the hassle that comes with selling the portfolio. We’re completely transparent, so you know exactly what we’re making. You won’t get a higher price for the service, and any company promising you 100% market value is hiding a huge list of costs that are going to come after the sale. That’s not the case with us. It’s what makes us different.

We want to help, and we understand that now is the time for landlords to get out before the recession hits. It’s a crucial time, and we’re here to get the job done for you. We’ve found the solution for ourselves, it’s time to help you.”

If you want to exit the market before the predicted fall in property prices, talk to us today.

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