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This Legal Advice section of our website provides links to some of the best legal minds and services available to landlords and associated professionals in the UK. You can find these links at the bottom of this page.

Our Track Record

In 2013 we formed Property118 Action Group when the West Bromwich Mortgage Company increased their lifetime tracker mortgage margins by 2%.

We raised over £600,000 via Crowdfunding to take legal action and eventually won our case in the Court of Appeal in June 2016.

We recovered £27,500,000 of illegally overcharged mortgage interest for landlords and 100% of legal costs.

Throughout the case the mortgage lender had constantly made veiled threats to call in loans with 30 days’ notice. The Appeal Judges also ruled that a mortgage lender cannot simply call in mortgages before the term unless a borrower is in default. This is now case law.

Property118 Action Group re-branded as The Landlords Union in 2016 and helps thousands of landlords to resolve legal and other problems every year.

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