HMO Landlord Defeats VOA in Land Tribunal Ruling on Banding Individual HMO Rooms for Council Tax

HMO Landlord Defeats VOA in Land Tribunal Ruling on Banding Individual HMO Rooms for Council Tax

17:17 PM, 4th February 2020, About 4 years ago

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We published an article a few weeks ago by Andrew Roberts from The Great Property Meet which asked our community for help and guidance for one of his Members in preparation for a Land Tribunal hearing (article link here). We also shared the article widely on Social Media.

The support received and number of responses across all online mediums was immense. However, at the time, the general consensus was that the landlord in question would lose his case.

However, HE WON!

We are delighted to report that the Landlord, who we can now name as Tony Dand, has provided essential new information to enable other landlords to follow suit.

The embedded 21 minute video below shares the key points of this case, which you can watch for free.


Tony has prepared a package of information to help other landlords to take on their own cases. This includes:-

  1. A transcription of the video above
  2. A 9 page case summary in PDF format which includes links to all the case law and legislation that Tony’s case relied upon
  3. The VOA definition of a dwelling
  4. Redacted correspondence between Tony and the VOA

The above is available for download exclusively via the website for  just £97. Half of the sale proceeds will go to Tony to reimburse him for his time and efforts and he has very generously offered to donate the balance to assist with the running cost of the Property118 daily newsletters and forums, which are funded out of donations from Property118 Members and available to all to subscribe to FREE OF CHARGE.

On behalf of all HMO landlords, we congratulate and thank Tony for his initiative.

Download Tony's Info Pack

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