Fire and Ice, Electricity and Heat – intelligent metering

Fire and Ice, Electricity and Heat – intelligent metering

12:39 PM, 8th October 2015, About 7 years ago

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The lettings business, just as any other, is always seeking ways to appear more attractive to the prospective renter.intelligent metering

Our new sponsors “Buylec” can provide tenants unrivaled independence and control over power budgeting leaving landlords content in the knowledge that payments are assured.

As well as controlling billing the heat sensors can be used as fire alarms sensing excessive heat and an early warning against frost and frozen pipes. The system can text landlords warning of any heat extreme and could provide additional insurance savings.

Case study, Student HMO:

The general rental rate for this property type is £85 per week, all inclusive (gas, internet and electricity). The house needs to be heated to maintain the fabric regardless, internet is a fixed cost service leaving the headache of how to fairly divide electricity.

One answer is to pay for passing off invoicing to a factoring company who will bill each occupant by simply dividing the end of year bill. This approach is completely unfair to the often absent, or the warm blooded and especially to the misguidedly frugal, the permanently cold being the winners in their tropical room.

However with intelligent metering the tenant receives the power they want when it’s needed and not at the landlord’s expense. In fact the landlord gets paid in advance before the power is even used, improving cash flow, security, cost and convenience for all concerned.

Case study, Self contained flats:

In letting your flats you not only want to comply with the latest legislation in Heat Network (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014 and Regulations 2015, but it would be nice to include a centralised fire alarm while monitoring and billing tenants for central heating. Intelligent metering has this capability in addition and the ability to run as a credit meter in the alternative to PrePay.

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