Immigration Bill – Landlords could be fined

Immigration Bill – Landlords could be fined

14:05 PM, 8th May 2013, About 8 years ago 14

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queenA new immigration bill that includes landlords responsibilities to check the status of tenants rights to reside or face large fines was announced today in the Queens speech.

“My government will bring forward a bill that further reforms Britain’s immigration system. The bill will ensure that this country attracts people who will contribute and deters those who will not.”

Downing Street briefings on the contents of the immigration bill are still very low on any actual detailed measures. The much publicised new duty on private landlords to check the immigration status of their tenants won’t make any difference to EU citizens as they already have the right to live in Britain as do Britons in any other EU country.

The proposal may not however be workable without a register of private landlords and a compulsory scheme of residence permits or migrant ID cards.  The health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, could not explain how it would work and confirmed at this stage it was only about “announcing areas we are going to tackle” and government will provide further details only “when the time is right”.

However the vast majority of Landlords already carry out their own referencing which includes ID checks, voters role checks and employers reference where there is already a legal responsibility not to employ illegal immigrants. Therefore any new measures will likely affect only the few that don’t carry out checks already, or unscrupulous criminal Landlords.




19:11 PM, 10th May 2013, About 8 years ago

That would definitely not fly here in California even though in some cases it is extremely needed. The entire immigration debate is currently peaking here in the US but I doubt anything major would change because frankly most of these immigrants are ilegal and therefore should not get any positive feedback to that sort of thing at all.

by Michael Holmes

15:11 PM, 11th May 2013, About 8 years ago

Here we go again, a brilliant idea from some focus group or other, shove the onus for policing immigration onto private landlords, problem solved!

Hahahaha. you couldn't make this up. There are so many holes in this idea, it could fill the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Who is going to check all these immigrants, what happens if you have long-standing illegals, where will they go when you chuck them out after the usual six month eviction procedure? What happens if they present forged documents? Who deals with the paperwork, the Police? The Border Agency,? The Home Office? Who decides if they are illegal or not, local magistrates? Local housing officers? All the above?

These have just popped into my head after about a minutes thought, I can see hundreds of other problems looming. This kite will never fly.



15:22 PM, 23rd May 2013, About 8 years ago

What is the point of border agency then? Will all LL receive money to do Border agency legwork for them?

All that will happen is someone legit will use their credentials to pass the references, then put people in that the LL won't know.

by Dale Pancoust

7:41 AM, 10th October 2013, About 8 years ago

Why is this government picking on landlords ? we now pay council tax on property's as soon as they come empty and do not get any time to tidy them up therefor pushed into renting quickly now I've got to hurry up but take my time to find out if they should not be in this country ? How ? I'm an x carpet fitter I'm now thinking is there any already in one of my property's , I now know what this government that I voted in wants all my money that I have gone without scrimping and saving , i have that many tenants that owe me money in the past ,amounts like 3500 if the government helped the landlords they could have the tax from these amounts but the law is on the tenants side ,there is no justice in this country I've never been in trouble with the law but you are making it more difficult to live in this country ,is there anyone out there who is prepared to stand up against these bullies ,and yes I do believe they have let so many illegals in this country they are making us unpaid sheriffs that will be punished with a 3,000 pound fine if we get it wrong , just think of how much they would have made if when capturing these illegals they told them which border force people they sneaked by ? And charged them 3000 no chance of that why? Because they think by picking on the landlord that slimy sh. er that as took that much sh t thrown at them over the last 5 years bedroom tax etc none of them will mind I came out the landlords association because they don't know what to do over and out Of this country

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