How I doubled my money in three seconds on a property deal

How I doubled my money in three seconds on a property deal

11:26 AM, 20th March 2013, About 9 years ago 2

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How I doubled my money in three seconds on a property dealOK, so I wrote this headline and added an image to attract your attention. I really did manage to double my money on a property deal in three seconds, however …….

Yes, there’s a catch – but you probably guessed that didn’t you?

Please allow me to share a story with you, it is relevant to everybody in the property investment business and particularly newcomers.

I was playing Monopoly and my daughter landed on Mayfair which I owned and had a hotel on it. She wasn’t happy and I was fed up of playing so I offered her a deal.

I said “OK, double or quits on how much you owe me on the toss of a coin”.

She agreed.

I gave her my double headed coin to toss (she didn’t notice) and I called heads.

Obviously I won – ruthless hey?

After I had bankrupted her and we had boxed up the ga,e I owned up that I had cheated – she wasn’t best pleased LOL

We were not playing for real hard earned money and if we were she would have learned a very hard lesson. 

My point is this:-

….. I see far too many guru’s offering deals which involve cheating other people out of their hard earned money. I created Property118 to share best practice in every aspect of property investment. I pull no punches in my commentary here! I say it as I see it.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware that people are out there to rip you off. I also want to give you an opportunity to learn what is meant by the term “due diligence” from somebody I know who is VERY good at it.

Just recently I have written a few articles about my friend Kelvin Kingsley who is constantly offered heavily discounted new build properties by developers who want to move to another site.

How does he check them out to make sure they are genuine?

Well he has standardised a procedure to complete “due diligence” so if you are thinking about buying discounted properties you really ought to get in touch with Kelvin to see for yourself how he goes about this. He will show you what he does to test that the deals he is being offered are genuine by sharing some real examples of the “due diligence” he has done. If you are lucky, he may even share the details of a few heavily discounted developments he’s been offered as he get’s offered far to many to buy himself these days. Kelvin can’t buy them all and is very keen to help others providing they enhance his reputation for delivering on deals. He will not charge you a penny to help you or to introduce you to deals he’s checked out but isn’t in a position to buy.

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19:34 PM, 21st March 2013, About 9 years ago

I don't know whether I'm a sucker for being intrigued by the headline or not. I have been in touch with Kelvin though and I see what you mean about the way he lays out the various checks and balances he takes into consideration when he's offered a property. Brilliant, inspiring and I have learned a lot. He's not been offered any deals in areas I would like to invest in at the moment but we have agreed to stay in touch so thanks for the introduction.

Christopher Browne

10:47 AM, 26th March 2013, About 9 years ago

I am not one for leaving comments however I just wanted to say that yesterday I met with Kelvin after exchanging several emails as a result of being introduced to him through property118.He is a very interesting guy and is obviously very knowledgable but I was particularly stuck by his desire to understand what my goals related to property were and what was the basis for the decisions I had made so far. He was extremely helpful and keen to offer his thoughts on any questions I asked - and I asked a lot - it was quite an interrogation ( we sat together for 4 hours!)Very grateful to you for providing me the facility to meet a very experienced

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