“Housing is our top domestic priority – the challenge of a generation”

by Property118.com News Team

9:21 AM, 3rd July 2019
About 2 years ago

“Housing is our top domestic priority – the challenge of a generation”

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“Housing is our top domestic priority – the challenge of a generation”

Speech by Communities Secretary James Brokenshire at the Local Government Association Annual Conference. Click here to read the full speech:


“Housing is another vital area where local authorities need to strengthen their ability to deliver.

This is, undoubtedly, our top domestic priority – the challenge of a generation.

Whatever else changes, that will not change.

And as we mark the centenary of the Addison Act, it’s fitting that councils are once again leading the charge to help increase supply to 300,000 new homes a year.

In doing so, we want to help you maximise the potential the lifting of the HRA (Housing Revenue Account) cap offers by considering how you might boost your capabilities and develop joint ventures. Whether with housing associations and, indeed, the private sector to unlock more sites.

Ensuring we do reach the full ambition of a new generation of council homes.

This push also demands we build faster and reduce delays.

That’s why – as I said last week – we will be publishing an Accelerated Planning Green Paper – to look at how greater capacity and capability within local planning authorities, stronger plan-making, better performance management and procedural improvements can accelerate the end-to end planning process for all.

Delivery also depends on getting communities on board – communities who are more likely welcome new development when it’s underpinned by the right infrastructure.

Our £5.5 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund – which aims to unlock new homes in areas of greatest demand – reflects this.

And, as we get funds out of the door – just this month, in Woking and Truro – this is having an impact.”


terry sullivan

9:58 AM, 3rd July 2019
About 2 years ago

too many invaders

Chris Novice Shark Bait

11:21 AM, 3rd July 2019
About 2 years ago

Recognition of the GOOD WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Shameful that for decades successive governments have taken this for granted and abused the humanity which underpins it.
They have displayed lack of humanity and broad brush stroke accountancy, demonstrated lack of understanding, failed to consult with those that know and care, with no regard to the losers in their flawed policy making. Some of those losers have recently been targeted by design.
What waffle?


12:15 PM, 3rd July 2019
About 2 years ago

Fixing the housing problem isn't just about building new houses. The planning process is a feeding-frenzy at the moment.

I struggle to reconcile current housing planning policy and how it is being run with the stated desire to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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