I have a hole in my ceiling and management agents won’t help

I have a hole in my ceiling and management agents won’t help

18:16 PM, 13th March 2015, About 8 years ago 1

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I have only been landlord for a year but have had none stop issues. Currently the managing agents have put a big hole in the ceiling of my flat. They never asked for permission, their contractor just advised tenant he had permission. I have a hole in my ceiling and management agents won't help

Some flats are having issues with water leaking into the flats, it wasn’t a big issue for me but due to hole the size of a bath it is!

When I have contacted agents they have explained about a big pay off they hope to get us all due to fault in roof!! Unsure how many years this will take!.

Please help, the freehold managers are never available when I am. Also, the block is under right to manage and all my correspondence seems to go to the self appointed secretary of the block who is very keen on pay out!!

Many thanks




Graham Bowcock

15:45 PM, 14th March 2015, About 8 years ago


There is some confusion as to what the problem is here but it seems that it is nothing to do with your tenant and the letting of the flat but all to do with the building and the management company. In which case you need to refer in the first instance to your lease which will set out responsibilities.

Reading between the lines it looks like the management body (however it is set up) may be seeking to claim that damage to the property is insurable and therefore make a claim. This to me seems fundamentally wrong. Insurance covers specific incidents, not wear and tear or poor maintenance. I have had people involved with management companies trying to make spurious insurance claims for wear and tear on roofs.

The first thing I recommend you do it to establish how the damage occurred. If it is roof related, as you say then the freeholder needs to be put on notice about the damage to your property and that you will claim for making good. If the damage was a one off (e.g. storm) then it ought to be covered by insurance; if wear and tear it's unlikely to be covered but still needs to be repaired.

I would advise you to tell your tenant not to let anybody into to repairs without your agreement.

The issue about a big pay out seems to be a red herring - I would ask them what on earth it relates to, who is going to pay it and why it should affect you? Sounds very suspect to me.

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