Has your tenant served notice?

by Property 118

5 years ago

Has your tenant served notice?

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Has your tenant served notice?

Mark Alexander - private landlord since 1989 and founder of Property118.com

I receive a lot of private emails from readers asking who I use personally to manage my properties.

If they are local, my brother and I tend to manage them ourselves. However, we do use agents to manage some of the properties we own outside Norfolk. One day, we might decide to take up golf and let somebody else look after them all but not just yet.

Where we don’t self manage, we chose our agents based on a combination of experience, expertise, qualifications and price.

Before you re-let your property, even if you self-manage, please have a chat with the people I recommend. They may well be able to save you time and/or money.

All you need to do is complete the form below and I will then have the authority and the contact details I need to introduce you.

It costs nothing to take a look 🙂

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