Excessive charges for licence to underlet

Excessive charges for licence to underlet

16:16 PM, 25th September 2018, About 3 years ago 11

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Our 90 year lease requires us to obtain a licence to underlet each time we get a tenant.

The managing agent charges about 250 pounds and the lessor insists using their solicitor for a further £400 plus vat.

Can this be challenged?

If so can I recover my own legal expenses for doing so?

Many thanks



by Jonathan Samuels

18:19 PM, 8th October 2021, About A week ago

The very long contract says I am required to pay 'reasonable' legal fees to obtain a licence to sublet.

No idea what 'reasonable' is especially considering the freeholders owns the legal firm they are dealing with so have zero interest in keeping costs to a minimum.

Presumably not paying it means they can rule my lease null and void.

No idea what they actually do for £450 as i have a management agent that I pay to get reference and the freeholders solicitors sent me a copy /pasted contract within an hour of me sending them money

I won't name the freeholders but if you google for worst in Britain it will be them 🙁

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