Ex tenant trying to sue me for personal injuries!

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9:58 AM, 6th April 2018
About 2 years ago

Ex tenant trying to sue me for personal injuries!

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Ex tenant trying to sue me for personal injuries!

In all the years I have done property I have never come across this. My ex tenant is now trying to sue me for personal injuries.

She reported a leak to the letting agent. I sent the plumber straight out as soon as she reported it and he found that the tap had a slight leak on it and did say that it had been leaking for a while. He then bought a new tap and fitted it (job done).

Now the tenant has decided to try to make herself and her son and her friend some money. She is now claiming that there was a puddle of water in the kitchen and she has slipped on it…… Wait it gets better, so the tenant slipped on the puddle of water at 12:30 (afternoon), then at 13:00 the tenants friend went into the kitchen and made a coffee and turned around and also slipped 30 minutes after the tenant. The next day the tenants son who is only 14 also slipped at 10:30 (at night).

The whole claim is obviously a scam to try to get money out of me. This all comes after I emailed the tenant to let her know how disgusted I was of the way she left the property, kitchen cupboard doors off left on the floor, internal doors with holes in walls with holes in every carpet black and ruined. The tenant also left wardrobes beds etc. The property was left in a terrible way all internal doors need replacing the kitchen needs refitting and new doors replaced etc. I won’t go on to much about how it was left but am sure you get the picture.

I emailed the tenant letting her know that I had the full inventory and pictures what she signed at the start of the tenancy to say the property was in good condition. After this she flipped and started saying she fell over after the kitchen tap was leaking and so did her friend and her son. Obviously the plumber who attended said this was absolute nonsense as the leak was only very slight and there was no water on the floor at all.

I have received a letter now from a solicitor informing me they they all want to put a claim in against me!! I seriously can’t believe a solicitor would take this case on!! The tenant treated the house terrible and I always done repairs when asked to do so.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this before ?



Inveritas Property Inventories

9:58 AM, 8th April 2018
About 2 years ago

The world is an unfair place sometimes but rest assured that what comes around goes around and the law will prevail. The truth has a way of showing itself.

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