Evicting Tenants – Landlord Action

Evicting Tenants – Landlord Action

10:20 AM, 30th November 2020, About 11 months ago

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Personalised Professional Advice on Evicting Tenants available from Landlord Action

The risks associated with illegal eviction missed rent payments and possible damage to your property if tenant eviction is badly handled are significantly reduced by paying for professional advice or services.

More advice is available from our main sponsors Landlord Action who provide a variety of services in relation to evicting tenants and general advice on tenant eviction and recovery of debt. You could do everything yourself, but we do not recommend it as there are so many legal pitfalls especially in the current climate with new emergency legislation coming from the government with very little prior notice.

Simply complete and submit the contact form at the bottom of the article, and we will be happy to arrange for Landlord Action to contact you.

Latest COVID-19 update from Landlord Action:

Most notices served from 29 August 2020 will now give tenants a six month notice period to leave a property. For most landlords it will take another six months (at least) to go through the courts to regain possession.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) have announced that the Pre-Action Protocol is likely to be extended to private landlords. The Protocol requires a landlord to make reasonable attempts to resolve issues with their tenant before a case can be heard in court. So even if you plan to use the courts, mediation may be needed before your case is heard.

Brand new service: Step 1+ (Serve Notice and Mediation)

Landlord Action are delighted to have partnered with the PRS Mediation service. Tenancy mediation provides negotiation for settlement for landlords without going to court. You can come to an amicable, legally binding, resolution with your tenants to settle rent arrears and possessions, much quicker and avoiding court delays. For £220 (originally £244) Landlord Action will undertake a Step 1 review and once a notice is served we’ll instruct PRS mediation service to start a mediation case for you and try to contact your tenant to see if they are willing to undertake the mediation.

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