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Mark Alexander - Published on 05/02/2013
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Evicting Tenants - FREE ebook for LandlordsWould you like to receive a free copy of the Evicting Tenants ebook?

I have come across a business which provides a variety of low cost services to landlords including evicting tenants and they are offering Property118 readers a FREE copy of their ebook.

Did you know that over 30% of all accelerated section 21 possession claims fail? How can that be you might well ask.

Well bear in mind that a Court is being asked to make a person homeless. Therefore, you only have to make a small mistake and the courts may well refuse to make such a serious order. Section 21 provides for mandatory eviction providing the paperwork is in order, but so often it isn’t!

How to receive a free copy of the Evicting Tenants ebook

The authors are offering to send a free copy to readers of Property118. All they have asked us for in return is that we provide them with your contact details and link you through to their website. Obviously we don’t have your contact details so we are going to have to ask you to complete a form if you are interested.

Their website is well worth having a look at too. The authors of the Evicting Tenants ebook also provide a variety of other cost effective services which all landlords are likely to need at some point or another.

YES, please send me a FREE copy of the Evicting Tenants ebook

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