Deregulation Bill and Section 21 notices

by Readers Question

12:04 PM, 27th May 2015
About 6 years ago

Deregulation Bill and Section 21 notices

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Deregulation Bill and Section 21 notices

I’m looking for a bit of advice regarding Section 21 notices and the Deregulation Bill. As I understand it the timing of issuing Section 21 notices has changed.

My question is: I correctly served a Section 21 notice in February to end a tenancy the day after it’s six month anniversary on June 21st. Is this notice still valid? Does the Deregulation Bill only affect notices issued after the bill became law or is it applied retrospectively.

In short, do I issue another Section 21 and wait a further month?

Many thanks


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Paul Franklin

13:11 PM, 27th May 2015
About 6 years ago

The s.21 changes only apply from October David so you're ok as long it was served correctly in the first place. It was only a section on deposit protection requirements that came in with immediate affect.

In addition, from memory the changes will only affect new tenancies created after October; although I can't rememebr without looking back at the legislation whether that was just for the 'retaliatory evictions' part or all of the s.21 changes. Anyway, you're fine.

David Marshall

17:45 PM, 28th May 2015
About 6 years ago

Thanks for your reply Paul. It's very reassuring. In all my years of landlording I get the feeling that this will be the first one that goes all the way to court. As such I didn't want it to fall at the first hurdle.

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