Debt now equal to bond? Action required

by Readers Question

16:57 PM, 20th June 2020
About 8 months ago

Debt now equal to bond? Action required

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Debt now equal to bond? Action required

I have a client who so I believe has left the property that I am letting. The rent owing has now just passed the bond money. Firstly can I start legal proceedings to remove the letter?

I have not had any notice that she has left the property and I have not called at the property due to the Coronavirus restrictions during these times. I was informed of her leaving by her estranged husband a couple of days ago.

I am still in receipt of council rent which thankfully we had paid directly to us at the start of the tenancy. There was a tenancy agreement in place, but has now lapsed.

Any help would be much appreciated in how to solve this problem and actions that I need to take. I am not a millionaire landlord I use the money from the property to pay my shopping bill.

Regards Ricky



11:21 AM, 22nd June 2020
About 8 months ago

You need to communicate with your tenant directly rather than with the estranged husband.

Tenancy agreements do not lapse but go from fixed term to periodic. There is also an embargo on evictions at the moment, so you can't go down that route yet.

If the council are still paying her rent, then that implies that she has not abandoned the property, but of course it could just be that she has not got round to it or is claiming fraudulently and you will be left holding the can when she does/is found out.

Your priority is to communicate with the tenant and find out what her intentions are. You are permitted to go to the property and talk to her providing you keep social distance and give advance notice of your intention to do so.

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