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Joseph Rowntree Foundation report on PRS lessons from Ireland – A landlord’s perspective


I offer here a brief critique of the report which has just been published by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. To download the full report please CLICK HERE Those of you who are aware of the debates surrounding Section 24 and who have kept abreast of our research findings on Property118 will know that we are… Read more

Putting pressure on your Conservative MP


Here’s a letter template for you.   Dear …….., For the first time, as a long-time supporter and member of the Conservative Party, I am struggling for a reason to vote Conservative! I would never even in my worst nightmare ever believe that a Conservative Government would wage such punitive attacks on small Landlords, without… Read more

Kate Faulkner’s FTB analyses highlights myths of Landlord effect on market


Kate Faulkner has released a summary of First Time Buyer (FTB) market data showing a rise in FTB activity, the bounce post credit crunch and the myths of media reported data. To see Kate’s full First time buyer price report – April 2017 please Click Here Kate comments on the data in her report that;… Read more

Support Landlords Or Lose Our Votes


With the General Election just weeks away, we need to send the message loud and clear that landlords have had enough. We will not accept the constant attacks by Government and we demand the immediate scrapping of Section 24, which constitutes the worst attack on landlords in the history of the UK. Many Conservative MPs… Read more

Guess Who?

Guess Who?


I recently exchanged a number of emails with someone who supports Section 24 of the Finance (No. 2) Act 2015.  The emails are self-explanatory. The challenge for you is to guess who my correspondent is? EDITORS NOTE This is a very long article which you will not want to stop reading once you get into… Read more

Property118 campaign team demolish Treasury’s ill-conceived arguments


Please read the Treasury letter below and then our response: Correspondence & Enquiry Unit 1 Horse Guards Road London SW1A 2HQ Public.enquiries@hmtreasury.gsi.gov.uk Dr Rosalind Beck April 2017      Our reference: TO2017/06948 Dear Dr Beck  Thank you for your correspondence dated 23 February to the Minister of State for Housing, Planning and London about the… Read more

More like 40% than 1 in 5 according to AXA


Independent research carried out by AXA reveals over 40% of Landlords asked think they will be worse of after Section 24 mortgage interest relief reductions. This compares to the standard government and treasury policy script quoting only 1 in 5 landlords will be affected by the tax changes made in the Summer Budget 2015 and… Read more

Henry Pryor dismisses landlord concerns over Section 24 as “complete pants”


Henry Pryor, according to his own website, is the “The BBC’s favourite property expert.” His Bio says “for the past nine years I have worked as a ‘buying agent‘, sourcing homes and other assets for the rich and famous and for the plain hard working.” However, in a Twitter spat with the RLA, Pryor claimed that… Read more

Axe The Tenant Tax Awareness Week – Get Involved


This Thursday the much-maligned Section 24 comes into effect. The Axe the Tenant Tax coalition are marking this important day with a stream of new content featuring the RLA, NLA, ARLA, landlords and various coalition partners, in a new drive to raise awareness amongst landlords who as yet still don’t know the gravity of the… Read more

Our own report sent to new high level review of the Private Rental Sector


The comprehensive report written by Dr Rosalind Beck: Section 24 of the Finance (No. 2) Act 2015: “the unjust legislation that will make the UK housing crisis much worse.” Has been sent to The Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York which will be carrying out a review of the PRS led by… Read more


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