Building Control certificate issued but not communal

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10:32 AM, 21st May 2019
About 2 years ago

Building Control certificate issued but not communal

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Building Control certificate issued but not communal

We have come across an interesting wrinkle in building control. We own a lot of apartments in a building (about 25% of the building) and have been issued with LABC building control completion certs for each unit with no caveat on them.

We have recently been told as we are dealing with a potential cladding issue that the communal does not have Building Control certs.

Now please feel free to correct me, but I was under the impression that LABC cannot issue a certificate unless the access and egress is safe, in the case of a large apartment block this, would I believe, include the communal stairwells as to safely access and egress and to use the apartment you must pass through these areas.

Also shows on the building register as the whole lot complete

All comments advice greatly appreciated.



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