The boiler is the culprit – Property118 Landlord Emergency Cover

The boiler is the culprit – Property118 Landlord Emergency Cover

14:50 PM, 12th March 2015, About 7 years ago

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The boiler is one of the key culprits that costs landlords small fortunes in repairs, creates unhappy tenants and drains profit out of an otherwise good let property. Landlord Emergency Cover can solve these problems.Landlord Emergency cover

With landlord emergency cover, if the boiler in the let property fails, then the tenant can call the 24 x 7 x 365 helpline and get an engineer out to fix it ASAP. It really is that simple.

The engineer will do his best to fix and repair the boiler. This is emergency cover, he will do all he can to fix it within the claim limit that you have (£250-£750 per claim). He is duty bound to fix it rather than permanent repair it but in most occasions a fix and permanent repair are the same thing.

If the engineer cannot fix it, then the tenants will be offered the opportunity to stay at a hotel overnight whilst the property is uninhabitable. It will normally only be a single night that will be paid for by the policy as you are expect to get it repaired or replaced immediately.

The majority of boilers that fail are fixed permanently within hours of the emergency being reported and that leads to happy tenants and good long term lets. It can also save landlords stacks of money.

Now ask yourself how much it would cost for you as a landlord to go through the whole process of call out and fixing a boiler yourself? Landlord Emergency Cover insurance could save you a lot of money. It also offers unlimited claims over the course of a year.

With costs of Landlord Emergency Insurance ranging from £47.99-£69.99 per year, policy coverage respectively ranges from £250 up to £750 per claim.

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Operated for Property 118 by, a London based business, the flexible and fixed price Landlords Emergency cover on offer gets a 9.00 out of 10 on Trust Pilot. By visiting the website you can read a straightforward explanation of exactly what you are getting.

You can make as many claims against your policy as you like throughout the year, and don’t forget, if you have more than three properties you could be entitled to a discount. For more information visit:

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