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Extortionate court fee increases will impact landlords


Landlord Action has lambasted Government plans to increase court fees as “extortionate”.  The planned changes will take effect from 22nd April 2014, where fees for possession claims will see one of the largest increases at 60%, and could spark a stampede of possession cases in the next two weeks from landlords trying to beat the… Read more

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Naomi Heaton’s winning plan for the 2014 Budget


With days to go until the 2014 Budget, time is running out for Osborne to make a real difference. Naomi Heaton, CEO of London Central Portfolio, highlights a four point plan which could help the Conservatives get back in favour, whilst providing some much needed Viagra to the UK economy. Listen closely George; it is… Read more

Tony Wilson

Message from Anthony Wilson of Ashley Wilson Solicitors LLP


My name is Tony Wilson. I have today committed £15,000.00 to the fund to enable Mark Alexander and Mark Smith carry on the superb work they are doing on behalf of buy to let landlords who are being (in my view) mistreated by the West Bromwich Mortgage Company. As a solicitor who has been in… Read more

Should You Employ an Estate Agent

Should You Employ an Estate Agent?


When you’re selling your property, you naturally want to get the most you possibly can for it. Paying expensive estate agents fees can sometimes seem like a waste. It can be tempting to go it alone but the benefits that an estate agent offers could very well make up for the fee they charge. You… Read more

Staying in control comes from knowing

Staying in control comes from knowing


Several years ago I eventually succumbed to immense pressure and trained to become a Will Writer and an Estate Planner. I did this so that I could bring within reach of my clients “legal solutions” they hadn’t previously been able to afford, or even fully understand.  In my opinion “legal solutions” have for far too… Read more

Wills - some things worth knowing

Wills – some things worth knowing


Will or no Will this article might still be of help to you, and may also contain a few surprises for you! What goes into making a Will, and what can or cannot be included is absolutely riddled with myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings. To make matters even worse, there are things most of us are… Read more

Minimising risks by maximising returns

Minimising risks by maximising returns


Whether you’re new to investing in property or a seasoned investor, you will no doubt be keen to minimise the risk of your investment whilst maximising the return, and it may appear that striking the balance between the two is the key to success in the field of property investment. When I speak to investors… Read more

Timing is everything for landlords

Timing is everything for landlords!


This article serves as a warning to all landlords who haven’t put Lasting Powers of Attorney in place. What a coincidence given my recent articles on Property118! Last week saw me visit three nursing homes following “we know it’s been left late, but can you now arrange LPAs for….” type calls from the families.  I admit… Read more


You may have more funding choices than you think!


Banks aren’t always the friendliest of places when it comes to borrowing money. All the “hoops” they expect you jump through, and even then you’ll be told what you can or cannot use the cash for! So it’s good know that you may have more options than you think. Let’s give you a working example: … Read more

Mortgage Express and Buy to Let Nightmares

Mortgage Express and Buy to Let Nightmares


Reading about the experiences of other landlords with Mortgage Express on Property118 has been very disturbing and familiar. I hope that sharing my brothers story will result in the National media and housing charities picking up on what is really going on in the PRS. I am happy to be contacted by the press and… Read more

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