What’s Hot this week on the Property Tribes Forum

What’s Hot this week on the Property Tribes Forum

10:36 AM, 1st June 2012, About 12 years ago

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There are so many valuable discussions for Landlords going on over on Property Tribes this week I thought I would reproduce their latest newsletter entitled:  PropERty Tribes celebrates 60 years of HRH, which also lists the top 20 discussions of the week with links to them.

The average property price in the UK is 86 times higher now than in 1952, research by HSBC has revealed ahead of the Diamond Jubilee.

At the start of the Queen’s reign the average property was priced at £1891, compared to an average £162,722 today.

By comparison, retail prices have risen by a multiple of 25 over the same period, meaning that for most people buying a home has been a very good investment even after stripping out the effects of inflation.

The number of dwellings in the UK has almost doubled since 1952, with 14.1 million at the start of the Queen’s reign, compared to an estimated 27.3 million today. However, the number of new homes being built each year has fallen by 46%; from 248,320 in 1952 to 133,840 in the latest estimate.

Two-thirds (68%) of the country are now owner occupiers, compared to one third (32%) in 1952. Indeed, at the start of the Queen’s reign half of the country was renting privately compared to 14% today.

Peter Dockar, Head of Mortgages at HSBC, said:   “There is no doubt that property has remained a sound investment over this period.”

From Property Talk Live!

Congratulations to HRH and here’s to the next 60 years!  Have a great Jubillee Weekend everyone! 🙂

It could be a great one for following the Top 5 signposts to a holiday let with year round occupancy potential!

Important News:  HMRC have created a new task force to uncover tax evasion by BTL investors

Top discussions on Property Tribes for Jubilee Weekend.


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