Tax Planning – What on earth are you waiting for?

Tax Planning – What on earth are you waiting for?

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Charles Darwin once said; “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

When the former Chancellor of The Exchequer George Osborne announced in the Summer Budget 2015 that the basis of taxation for individual landlords was to change, those who had bothered to listen were in disbelief and the rest were oblivious.

I liken this to a madman announcing that volcano is soon to erupt.

Nevertheless, some landlords adapted.

When clause 24 of the second Finance Bill of 2015 finally passed through Parliament, the House of Lords and received Royal Assent to become  FA2015(part 2)/Section24, this was the equivalent of all scientists confirming the date and time the volcano would erupt. Those who had become aware were still in shock and disbelief, but a few more adapted.

We are now into the third year after the eruption. The lava is three quarters of the way down the mountain, in January of this year some landlords began to feel the effects and yet some landlords are still either oblivious or looking up at the lava flowing towards them, frozen in either disbelief or fear. Nevertheless, most remain oblivious to the risks to their business and only a fraction of those facing being burned to a crisp have even investigated their options, let alone adapted.

This is landlord apathy at it worst.

When will they move?

For the sake of £400 we can complete a full Fact Find and analysis of your position and then prepare a bespoke report and recommendations outlining the optimal adaptation plan for you. This can then be checked by your existing professional advisers and we will even obtain Counsel’s opinion of our recommendations for you at no extra charge. Even after all of that, if you’re anything less than 100% satisfied you can claim a full refund under our GUARANTEE of total satisfaction.

So what are you waiting for?

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