Volunteers Needed To Help With Campaign

Volunteers Needed To Help With Campaign

12:59 PM, 31st August 2015, About 8 years ago 1

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Property118.com has been approached by a National Journalist who wants to write some articles on the implications of the Summer Budget proposal to restrict finance cost relief. The journalist wants some case studies and wants to feature landlords and tenants in articles.volunteer

This is where you come in. Are you willing to put you name forward to be featured in an article? Can you think of any landlords who would be great case studies? Do you know any landlords who are now planning to sell all their properties? Are you a portfolio landlord and your business model is no longer sustainable? Is rental income your only source of income and you will be faced with a tax bill that exceeds your profit? Are you at risk of going bankrupt as a direct result of the tax proposal?

Do you know anyone planning to serve tenants with notice to quit because they now wish to convert their properties to HMO to provide a better return? Are you planning to emigrate to escape the ‘buy to let tax grab’. Have you cashed in your pension to invest in buy to let properties and you now have regrets? Are you now exploring transferring your properties to a limited company?

Are you willing to contact your tenants to find out if they would be willing to be featured in an article? Do you have tenants who have been with you for a long time on below market rent and you are now considering increasing their rent to cover your increased costs? Do you have tenants who are concerned that their rents may go up because you need to protect your margins? Do you rent mainly to people on benefits but will need to serve some or all of them with notice to quit?

There are many personal stories that can help the campaign. If we can show that the lives of real people are being very badly affected by this change, then more people will listen to our concerns and we will gain more supporters.

Please contact Mark at mark@property118.com if you can help.

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Cosmo Anayiotos

11:52 AM, 10th September 2015, About 7 years ago

this latest budget is an obvious move. WHY ? I hear you ask.

well it's quite simple, the rich will not be taxed. unless their assets are so fixed that they are unable to leave the country.
they also can afford very expensive accountants and solicitors and barristers which allow them far more clout that Joe Average.

so...Joe Average becomes the target to tax.
So much easier picking on the weak. in fact the weaker the target, the easier it is.

Now lets look at the effect this new tax burden will have on landlords.
As a Landlord I know I'm quite weak as an individual - standing on my own against a pack of hyenas I've got no chance. I'm lunch.
but a million Landlords against a pack of lions.... they could be lunch.
But lions have big teeth.
so we have to be very clever. we have to distract the pack and give reason for tenants to help us fight off the pack. so instead of one million landlords ( those with money that the tenants don't really care about ) we have to become five million tenants AND one million landlords.

so why should any tenant raise a finger to help us ? I hear you ask.

well it's far simpler than you think.

If a landlord is out of pocket ...who pays ? the next tenant.
and if a landlord ends up with a bigger tax bill who is likely to pay for this ? the tenant. that's who.

all we will do is pass on this extra burden onto our tenants. not because we want to but because we have to.

and the tenant is the weakest of them all.

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