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Cosmo Anayiotos

12:21 PM, 1st January 2016, About 6 years ago

Happy New Year George Osborne!

£45,000 fighting fund ! that is great news. but for whom is it great news ?
whether it is 45grand or 4.5million quids it's only 600 landlords that donated.

so what does this mean to G.O. ?
well, out of the 2,000,000 landlords only 600 don't seem to like his idea.
the remaining 1,999,400 seem to like it. otherwise they would have contributed to the cause. Obvious.

i did say we were far too fragmented and this just shows how weak we are.
if 600,000 landlords donated just £0.10 each the fund would be £60,000 yet have far greater clout because of the 600,000 voters involved.

something desperately needs to change.... Read More

Cosmo Anayiotos

11:52 AM, 10th September 2015, About 6 years ago

Volunteers Needed To Help With Campaign

this latest budget is an obvious move. WHY ? I hear you ask.

well it's quite simple, the rich will not be taxed. unless their assets are so fixed that they are unable to leave the country.
they also can afford very expensive accountants and solicitors and barristers which allow them far more clout that Joe Average.

so...Joe Average becomes the target to tax.
So much easier picking on the weak. in fact the weaker the target, the easier it is.

Now lets look at the effect this new tax burden will have on landlords.
As a Landlord I know I'm quite weak as an individual - standing on my own against a pack of hyenas I've got no chance. I'm lunch.
but a million Landlords against a pack of lions.... they could be lunch.
But lions have big teeth.
so we have to be very clever. we have to distract the pack and give reason for tenants to help us fight off the pack. so instead of one million landlords ( those with money that the tenants don't really care about ) we have to become five million tenants AND one million landlords.

so why should any tenant raise a finger to help us ? I hear you ask.

well it's far simpler than you think.

If a landlord is out of pocket ...who pays ? the next tenant.
and if a landlord ends up with a bigger tax bill who is likely to pay for this ? the tenant. that's who.

all we will do is pass on this extra burden onto our tenants. not because we want to but because we have to.

and the tenant is the weakest of them all.... Read More

Cosmo Anayiotos

13:15 PM, 29th January 2014, About 8 years ago

Councils encouraging law breaking

Reply to the comment left by "Julie Ford" at "29/01/2014 - 12:36":

hi Julie, I have heard of this several times. the housing department of Rugby was caught out using such tactics a few years ago. their thinking was they didn't want the bad -non-paying-ten ants any more than we do. and as long as they where in the private sector .....the council had no reason to worry about them. nice chaps.... Read More

Cosmo Anayiotos

12:54 PM, 29th January 2014, About 8 years ago

Councils encouraging law breaking

well, I'm a great believer in equality. what is good for one person is just as good for everyone.
So, IF a council IS helping ten ants to break the laws, would they not help landlords to evade tax ??? same thing is it not ?? just everso slightly different.... Read More

Cosmo Anayiotos

11:41 AM, 11th August 2013, About 8 years ago

Landlord Licensing Schemes - Raising Standards or Raising Funds?


This has been on the cards since 2004. This is pole tax through the back door!!!!
Just look at who “ additional licensing “ affects?
It’s HMOs. Every room in an HMO is getting taxed but not individually, because that WOULD look like pole tax,
So instead HMOs are being taxed as a group of dwellings.
The effect is the same, just from a slightly different angle. THE BACK DOOR.

I’ve been bleating on about this for years, “ no, no, no “ say the councils,
“ we are not nasty people,” proclaimed Medusa, she of many heads !!!!

They claim they did a survey.

Who did they ask,? you ? no.
What did they ask ?
How did they ask ?
Where the true effects of their proposals ever FULLY explained
to those who would be effected if the proposals were ratified ???

very much doubt it.

Told you this was going to happen, I told everyone. It was bloody obvious.

Like a train on the rails to Leeds.... IT WILL GET TO LEEDS.
It might stop a few times, may even go into the sidings for repairs, maintenance and modifications, but Leeds is where it’s going to end up.

And now..........??????? what ?????? what fight have you ?????? none.

It’s done.

and just like the death of every high street due to the greed of councils, this will be the death of HMOs, student lets, little old ladies renting out 2 rooms to make ends meet, and possibly eventually couples living together. by the very same method. GREED BY COUNCIL
( because that is the final step. not a joke. )... Read More