Urgent action required – MoJ Enforcement of Possession orders consultation

by Larry Sweeney

10:51 AM, 26th February 2019
About A year ago

Urgent action required – MoJ Enforcement of Possession orders consultation

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Urgent action required – MoJ Enforcement of Possession orders consultation

The newly formed National Landlords Alliance has submitted proposals to the ministry of Justice concerning possession procedures.

From the moment we set up, we identified the problems being faced by landlords when attempting to recover possession of properties, from delinquent Anti-social Behaviour tenants and rent defaulters. This issue is now under review by the Ministry of Justice. We urge all landlords to go on the website and submit our suggestion.

We want all certificated enforcement agents to be allowed to enforce possession orders. The current situation is that only county court bailiffs can do so, resulting in long delays. If a landlord wishes to expedite the process he must apply to transfer it to the high court.

Leaving the issue of more red tape aside, costs will be substantially more for a landlord taking this route. The chances of landlords recovering these costs from tenants is next to nil.

The current system is not fit for purpose.

Our suggestion is by far the best way forward. The landlord obtains his possession order, passes it directly to one of the many enforcement agents all over the country. Costs are kept down and court orders are enforced immediately.

Landlords please put your submissions on the MoJ website: Click here. Consultation closes in May.

We are working extremely hard and need your help to succeed. Every reader should join the alliance now to make us a real fighting force.

Please help us to help you and join us now www.landlordsalliance.co.uk


Paul Blogs

21:52 PM, 4th March 2019
About A year ago

Reply to the comment left by Alfington at 27/02/2019 - 15:57
"I suggest a crib sheet or “model answers” be provided before asking your members to participate in consultations like this."
Yep agreed, I had to give up too

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