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16:42 PM, 23rd February 2021, About 4 months ago

Salford City Council orders landlord to re-instate gas safety hazard

We have a useless Tory goverment that gave the councils these powers and they seem entirely disinterested in solving the problems they have created or limiting the dangerous powers they have given the council. Of course Labour will be no better. We have no Landlord association that seems capable of defending landlords. It is so infuriating.... Read More


10:47 AM, 22nd July 2020, About 11 months ago


10:13 AM, 14th July 2020, About 11 months ago

Landlords warned not to discriminate against benefits tenants

You have to be very careful when you consider UC tenants as the State UC benefit system discriminates against private Landlords. The social sector gets to talk to UC staff. Private Landlords do not. You have no methodology to talk to any staff at UC or get helpful information. Rent can be sent to the tenant, as has happened to me. UC take no responsibility. They will not talk to you. They are unhelpful to private landlords as you are not their client, although their friends the Social Sector landlords are.When I can talk to UC and get a helpful supportive attitude and some control over the rent I will consider UC tenants positively. Until this anti private landlord discrimination is removed UC tenants are a big risk.... Read More


10:32 AM, 13th April 2020, About A year ago

CGT payment changed to 30 days this new tax year

I would like to understand how the new capital gains tax changes will affect property sales tax considerations.
Previously if I had, for instance, two profitable property disposals and two loss making tax disposals they would be aggregated at the end of the year. So if I sold two properties, making me 20,000 and 28% tax is 5600 and then I sold two properties, losing 20,000, I could offset the gain of 5600 against the loss of 20,000, producing a loss of 14,400.
Now it seems that if I have two sales, making say a 20,000 profit I will pay 28% as tax, £5600. If I then sell two loss makers, losing 20,000, presumably I carry that forward as a loss and get no money back.
It would seem that organizing the order of sale now becomes very important as you should sell loss making property first.
Am I understanding this correctly?... Read More


17:28 PM, 11th April 2020, About A year ago

Government must give clear statement on rental payments

Ben and the NRL are absolutely and utterly useless. Do I see them on the BBC? No. Do I see them writing articles for the national press? No. Do I see them making any kind of public appearance at all? No.
We need rid of the NLA and the equally useless RLA. Oh, sorry. They are being combined into one extra-useless organisation now to let us down even more impressively...... Read More