TONIGHT: How to buy in a Booming Market

TONIGHT: How to buy in a Booming Market

10:38 AM, 31st May 2022, About 3 months ago

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This is just a quick reminder about the live training tonight at 8pm, all about how you can compete in today’s booming market and still purchase using very little of your own money.

Generally, sellers expect to get paid top price for their property and are often getting it. Many investors are getting outbid by other people prepared to pay crazy prices.

However, you can use Creative Finance methods to acquire the property. You should be thinking about strategies such as Vendor Finance, Purchase Lease Options and Joint Ventures with the owners.

With all of these Creative Finance methods, the seller actually makes more money from their property than they would with a traditional sale, but it actually costs you less from your pocket, sometimes literally nothing.

This can be a true win/win for you and the seller, but requires you to think differently about your investing.

Join me on a very special live online training TONIGHT all about “How to use Creative Finance to grow your property portfolio”.

We highly recommend you register for this incredible online Master Class now, before you miss it.

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