The most complete rent guarantee policy on the market

The most complete rent guarantee policy on the market

14:42 PM, 7th January 2022, About 3 years ago

Text Size are pleased to be able to offer what we believe to be the most complete rent guarantee policy on the market.

Food and energy bills are increasing significantly, with some people seeing up to a 50% increase due to the energy crisis, fuel prices are on the up, there is risk of redundancies following the withdrawal of the Furlough support scheme, changes to Universal credit will reduce income for 6 million families by 5%, and next year will see a rise in taxes that will impact everyone’s income.

Inflation is rising month on month, and has exceeded 5% in December.

There are so many risks combined together, that make the need for Rent Guarantee more important than ever.

If you are interested in this before it is too late, please see what we have to offer below:

What do you get?

  • 15 months of rent arrears paid – on rents up to £2,500pcm
  • 75% of rent paid, for up to 3 months following vacant possession and needing refurbishment.
  • £100,000 legal expenses
  • Eviction following expired Section 21
  • Eviction following any provable breaches of the tenancy where you need to gain possession
  • No COVID restrictions
  • Defended Actions – if tenant defends the action we will continue to pay the arrears whilst this is dealt with
  • Transferable between tenancies
  • Immediate cover! – Removal of 60 day no claim period – Claim from day 1 of the policy – no exclusion periods
  • Cancel any time without charge – If the policy needs to be cancelled after 1 month of the policy start date, we will not charge for the remaining unused months of the policy from the cancellation date and no penalty charge to cancel.

How to qualify?

  • To qualify for a policy, there must have been no rent arrears on the tenancy in the last 6 months – definition of arrears being more than 31 days late with the rent payment in the last 6 months.
  • The property must be managed by
  • No referencing requirements as part of portfolio transfer deal.

Benefits to you?

  • Guarantees your rental Income – how much is your Portfolio worth? This will be guaranteed by having Rent Guarantee in place
  • Providing Landlords peace of mind – Giving your Landlords total protection from future risk
  • Legal Protection Cover – If you wish to regain possession via section 21 if the tenant doesn’t leave at the expiry of the notice all legal costs are covered for the eviction.

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