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Vincent and Virginia Walker

16:02 PM, 3rd May 2023, About 7 months ago

I have recently moved the properties that were in my partnership to my company. Paul Hill from Property118 guided me through the process, answering all my questions and ensuring the right options were taken.
I went with Property118 after watching some clips on YouTube. I wanted the reassurance that the people offering the advise knew what they were talking about and had a reliable track record.
I would recommend their services to anyone who is looking for this type of advice.
Vincent Walker

Shikha Patwal

16:22 PM, 26th April 2023, About 7 months ago

The whole incorporation process when you first start looking into it is very daunting and complex. But in order to achieve your goals, you persist because ultimately the benefits are there for all to see.
Could we have persisted without the handholding offered to us by Paul Hill??? Absolutely NOT
He is so patient, calm and knowledgeable. Even the most basic questions (and there were several!!) were answered simply. Emails and phone calls were responded to in a timely fashion. We are thrilled that Paul was our consultant and we would highly recommend him.

Richard Hemingway

18:45 PM, 21st April 2023, About 8 months ago

Very very pleased to have found Alex and incorporated via Property 118 and Cotswold Barristers. It feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I am looking forward to running and expanding my property business in the future knowing that I am now paying a sensible percentage of tax as a business rather than how it was previously with property held in our own names.

I would recommend Alex and the process to anyone.

Thanks very much Alex, Property 118 and Cotswold Barristers.

peter vallance

15:42 PM, 20th April 2023, About 8 months ago

It was reassuring that we can continue to seek advice from Paul Hill . He is patient and very competent and continues to help if we have an issue. Likewise Mark Smith is efficient and very knowledgeable. This is a complex process that we have undertaken to acheive a tax efficent incorporation. Our objective was to preserve, for our family, a business we have built up over a lifetime. The process has been professionally and carefuly managed.

nicholas bewley

9:15 AM, 17th April 2023, About 8 months ago

Paul & Fiona have been super helpful, I recommend using property 118.


11:26 AM, 12th April 2023, About 8 months ago

Reply to the comment left by Gary at 11/04/2023 - 18:02
We would completely agree with this. Whenever we have had a query over the years since we have incorporated, Mark Alexander and Mark Smith at Cotswold Barristers get straight back to you often within minutes with clear concise answers.


18:02 PM, 11th April 2023, About 8 months ago

We incorporated back in 2018, I dealt with Mark Alexander and Mark Smith at the time. I spent months deliberating about the incorporation as most of you all do. The process was very straight forward and both Marks dealt with every detail. After incorporating I thought that was it until the letter arrived from HMRC for a tax investigation relating to the incorporation as no CGT or stamp duty was paid out as my tax return stated. My first call was to Mark A and I must say he was very calm as usual and guided me through the bombardment of questions from HMRC along with Mark S relating to my business in property. After many months of letters back and forth the investigation was closed and as both Marks always told me this would not be problem as the incorporation was legal and allowed due to my circumstances in my property business, along with my accountant Alan Pateman from Segrave & Partners.
Mark A and Mark S was there at every letter I had from HMRC and every time I needed help they would reply and solve any issue arising. Still today after 5 years if I have any queries about the incorporation they are there in minutes. If you need any reassuring about the transition I am proof the process works.

John Buxton

15:06 PM, 2nd March 2023, About 9 months ago

Having previously used Property 118's excellent tax planning services to restructure our business three years ago we went back to them at the end of last year to move forwards to incorporation.

We were assigned Alex Caravello as our consultant and from the very first Zoom fact finding call through to the 'tying up the loose ends' call we've just had, the service received has been impeccable.

Alex is ever cheerful and full of good suggestions. He gently challenged our thinking to make sure that the solution we ended up with was tailored exactly to meet our end goals and guided us expertly through the process that followed with Cotswolds Barristers. Questions were responded to promptly and everything was explained in layman's terms so that we always felt like we had clarity in order to make decisions.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Property 118's Tax Planning services (and Alex and Mark in particular) to any landlord wishing to make their business more tax efficient.

Chuck Anyia

17:41 PM, 24th February 2023, About 10 months ago

Having been greatly affected by the section 24 Tax on Landlords. I began to research into how to help my position. I came across Property 118 and was helped by Paul Hill. Paul was great he knew his stuff and was very professional and patient. The set up of the partnership/limited company is nearly complete the whole process was fairly in depth and some things were complicated. Paul helped to simply things so they were well understood. He is a great guy and glad he was my consultant.

Susan Bradley

17:26 PM, 15th February 2023, About 10 months ago

My husband and I incorporated earlier this week after months if not years of indecision following George Osborne's offensives. The Section 24 was not really an issue because we had decided to sell some properties and be mortgage free. What really made us decide to follow the advice was the Inheritance Tax aspect and the reduction in Capital Gains tax allowance. Anyway we paid for the initial consultation and were blown away by the information. We had our accountant sitting in with us on it all and even he was surprised by what could be achieved. So we had a few days to think it over and then decided to go ahead with it. It was seamless and from our side uneventful. It involved reading through paperwork and signing via DocuSign. It took about 6 weeks but the Christmas and New Year Holiday came in the middle of it. So a big thank you to Jonathan Chapman & Mark Alexander plus the rest of the team.

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