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In an industry that is populated by sharks and snake oil salesman who make promises of "get rich quick" and sell tickets to see a unicorn, it's great that you are offering a professional service like this.

With your vast experience, I know that you will offer great value for money.

Congratulations on a great idea Mark. I can't imagine there are many people better placed to give advice on the subject.

Wishing you the very best with this Mark. There are, as we have found, a number of Landlords out there who would clearly benefit from your considerable knowledge. Your advice gave us the confidence to proceed with a litigation against ours (one of the rogues).

All the best in Russia this Christmas. Our Russian family will probably pass you in Moscow as they make their way to us for the holiday period.

best regards, Roy and Tanya

Having worked with Mark for over 11 years I had to much to say to fit into a comment so I wrote my own article "My views on a consultancy with Mark Alexander" which you can view if you wish here >>

I would like to book the four hour slots every Saturday and Sunday for the rest of our lives together please.

What's for lunch?

By the way, is it OK if I use our joint account to make payment? LOL 😉


Mark good luck with your new adventure, your advice as helped me out many times in the past

Good luck Mark; not that you need it! Five minutes on the phone is worth its weight in gold so an hour or more is a goldmine!


Mark, what a great idea. Having worked with you for approx a year and a half now, and shared many conversations and emails as well, I have also benefited from your insight and market knowledge.

I'm confident that all 'serious' BTL'ers whether long established or new to the business, will be calling on your expertise.

Whatever your fee, it is not a cost but an investment and no doubt they will see a return.

(although I think Svetlana just wants a long lunch every week, and it looks like you're paying for that too! 🙂 )

A great idea Mark! I find both the site and your insight invaluable and I hope to book an appointment sometime in the near future!


Did you mean the advice was tailored to suit the client or the lunch?!!

I have crossed swords with Mark a few times over the years and whilst we don't always agree we always learn something. Mark also has a far wider range of knowledge areas than I do being stuck with just Landlord and Tenant law related issues.

The only thing that will stop you getting clients Mark is as you yourself identify, your location. If only you were based in Birmingham you’d make a fortune but who knows maybe a future monthly clinic could be held there!! If so royalties on fees to me for that idea please!!

£1,250 a day I guess puts you at the top end of the range in terms of consultants fees, but then as with everything in life you only get what you pay for and anyone paying for time with you is spending their money wisely.

Be interested to hear after a few months how many lunches you’ve had to provide, or how many shorter session visitors you’ve had.

Either way very best of luck with it I reckon anyone within two hours driving time of Norwich will be beating your door down.

Thought you were easing up on work commitments my friend?!!

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