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Letting agents slammed as fees go through the roof Buy to Let News, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

Letting agents are charging fees of up to £600 to tenants who want to privately rent a home in Wales, says housing charity Shelter.

Shelter claims letting agents mask the true cost of letting a property and wants the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) to introduce new rules to make the cost of renting clearer to tenants. Continue reading Letting agents slammed as fees go through the roof

Letting agents may go bust as illegal fees campaign takes off Buy to Let News, Cautionary Tales, Latest Articles

Landlords are warned to check out that their letting agents protect their money as a new scheme helping tenants reclaim unfair fees threatens make some firms go bust.

Housing charity Shelter Scotland is leading the campaign against rip-off letting agents – and has helped more than 100 tenants start claims for the repayment of thousands of pounds of illegal charges. Continue reading Letting agents may go bust as illegal fees campaign takes off

Landlords Ready for Massive Rise in Rent Arrears Buy to Let News, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management, Property Investment News

Landlords are bracing for a flood of rent arrears cases as renters struggle with their bills over the festive period.

Housing charity Shelter claims around one-in-three renters have to make a tough choice between paying their rent or spending on food. Continue reading Landlords Ready for Massive Rise in Rent Arrears

Fears for Arrears as Tenants Borrow to Pay Rents Buy to Let News, Latest Articles, Mortgage News

Landlords should brace themselves for a massive jump in rent arrears with the news that millions are seeking payday loans and other credit to pay rents after overspending during the festive season.

Homeless charity Shelter is warning a million homeowners and tenants are looking for payday loans that charge interest at rates of up to 4,000% APR to pay housing costs and other bills. Continue reading Fears for Arrears as Tenants Borrow to Pay Rents

Families Pay Too Much Rent, Warns Housing Charity Buy to Let News, House Prices, Latest Articles

Buy to let rents are too high and are locking poorer working families out of finding homes to rent, warns a housing charity.

Rent amounts to a third or more of take home pay in more than half of towns and cities across the country, says Shelter.

The result is almost four out of 10 families with children have cut down on buying food to pay rent.

The Shelter study also revealed that the cost of rents varies widely across the country:

  • Rural renters often earning low wages pay higher rents with housing costs more affordable in Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham than North Devon, North Dorset or Herefordshire.
  • London has the most expensive rents – a two bedroom home costs £1,360 per month, which is almost two and a half times the average of £568 for the rest of the country.
  • Oxford is the most expensive place to rent outside London, with typical rents soaking up 55 per cent of average earnings.
  • Cheapest rents are £394 per month in Burnley, Lancashire.

“Private rented homes meet the needs of many tenants, particularly those requiring flexibility and mobility for their work. However, less than half feel that private renting is a good type of housing tenure2 and for many households private renting is not a choice but the only type of housing they can realistically access,” said the report.


Shelter wants the government to stabilise the rental market with policies that bring rents more in line with average earnings.

Campbell Robb, Shelter’s chief executive, said: “We have become depressingly familiar with first time buyers being priced out of the housing market, but the impact of unaffordable rents is more dramatic.

“With no cheaper alternative, ordinary people are forced to cut their spending on essentials like food and heating, or uproot and move away from jobs, schools and families.”

Call to scrap council tax perks for second homeowners Latest Articles


Homeless charity Shelter is calling for the scrapping of council tax discounts on second homes and property that stands empty.

A new study looking at ways to maximise the use of existing housing reckons ending the discount would raise £42 million a year that councils and the government could divert to improving housing supply.  This appears to be another badly considered plan following their controversial video and statistics that yet again give landlords a bad name. What are Shelter playing at?   Do they not see that the vast majority of private landlords solve thousand’s more housing problems than a very small percentage of rogue landlords create? Continue reading Call to scrap council tax perks for second homeowners

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