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Licence First – Don’t Shoot the Messenger #6 Don't Shoot The Messenger, Guest Articles, Guest Columns, HMO's & Student Lets, Lettings & Management

When a tenant has a beef with their landlord, I’m the guy they go to. My job is to either negotiate or prosecute, depending on the circumstances. This occasional and random series aims to let landlords know the common complaints that are made about them, the laws that cover them and how to deal with it.

I think my landlord is running an unlicensed HMO

A growing concern for local authorities this one.

Government and Shelter are leaning on councils to take enforcement action against unlicensed HMOs. What is the definition of a Licensable HMO?

An HMO is simply a property where there are 3 or more people occupying on separate agreements. If they were all on one agreement it would be a house-share as a ‘Joint tenancy’, which is not the same thing. However, an HMO becomes eligible for a license when a landlord has 5 or more tenants on separate agreements and the property has 3 or more floors. Continue reading Licence First – Don’t Shoot the Messenger #6

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