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UK Property Research Tool
What you need to know and where to find the information

This Property Research Tool is for the benefit of all property buyers, landlords, tenants, owner occupiers and professional advisers associated with property.

Thanks to business sponsors and Property118 Members for their incredibly generous donations making the development of this Property Research Tool.

Property Research generally begins online

Far too many people fall into the trap of not doing proper online research, they see a property they fall in love with or meet a sales person they trust and the deal is done. For those of us who have learned our lessons the hard way, it still takes a long time to wade though websites to complete thourogh due diligence. The really annoying part for me was finding each website individually and then having to enter the same postcode into each one over and over again to find the right pages. For these reasons I wanted to have a system built as a convenient Aide-mémoire (check-list) for every internet user to be able to use and to provide access to to the websites containing vital information with the minimum number of clicks. Property Research Tool

Essentially the Property Research to is a pop up page, called a modal, which consolidates key information used by landlords and other property purchasers to assess properties. Any website can incorporate this technology free of charge. The functionality works best with Google Chrome and Safari internet browsers.

The only data input for users is the Post Code of the area. The key benefit is the ability to access all information required to complete desktop due diligence without having to remember visit multiple websites, thus saving considerable time and effort. The information is called from several websites which provide insight into the location being searched.

Enough of me trying to explain what it is, why not see for yourself?

If you run a website yourself why not write a review and grab the embed code to install the Property Research Tool functionality on your own website? We even have a widget which creates a “call to action” button (like the one below) which you can size to your requirements.

Want to learn even more?

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Property Research Tool Plugin Latest Articles

If you run a website or blog and would like to consider adding a free Property Research Tool Plugin then you are in the right place to test a great one 🙂

It’s not just for WordPress users

You can use the plugin on pretty much any website.

Whether you talk about property, sell it, rent it or advise people about it this Property Research Tool Plugin will look great on your website or blog.

You can use the embed code in sidebars, posts or pages and it will create a Call To Action button just like the one below, sized just how you want it and the modal screen which runs the functionality of the Property Research Tool will even be branded with your URL. Wordpress Property Research Tool Widget

Check out what we’ve done with it and then grab the embed code for use on your own WordPress website or blog with our compliments.

UK Property Research Tool
What you need to know and where to find the information

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