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It’s not often you will find me eulogising about a website for new and wannabee landlords.You might be forgiven for thinking they could be seen as competing with part of what we do here at Property118 but that’s not the reason I promise you. The reality is that they are often are an alluring upsell for wannabee property billionaires who are taught by “guru’s” that “by this tine next year Rodney you will be a property millionaire”. Yes, in the main they are all run by Plonka’s just like Del-Boy, the very same people who give up their evenings and weekends to present Get Rich Quick courses in dreary hotel conference suites, complete with their rented Aston Martin parked right outside the front door of the hotel of course! – LOL

Property Geek Blog

However, I’ve found a website for newbie landlords that’s very different to the above stereotype and I really like what they have to say, it’s called Property Geek.

So why am I telling you about Property Geek?

The Property118 motto is that “Caring is Sharing”. I created Property118 to facilitate the sharing of best practice amongst UK landlords and associated professionals. Property118 operate a not for profit model and are funded entirely by donations and sponsorships, we don’t even sell advertising hence we have no competition. Credit where it’s due then, and in this case it’s the Property Geek website.

The person it belongs to is not paying me to write this article by the way, in fact, he doesn’t even know I’m writing it. Just in case you’re wondering, we are not related or old mates either. I only came across the Property Geek a few months ago.

The Property Geek blog is run by one of the presenters of the Property Podcast, I did an interview with them recently and have since provided content for their future podcasts – see >>> http://www.propertygeek.net/podcast-mark-alexander/

If you are new to property investment or you are just considering dipping your toe into the water, the Property Geek blogs I’ve listed and linked to below are definitely well worth a read …

1) There’s no rush

2) In defence of the day job

Rob Dix is the man behind the Property Geek blog and as he’s a member here at Property118, therefore he will get the notification email when I publish this article. I would love to be a fly on the wall when he reads it, better still have a hidden camera to film his reaction.

Please let me know what you think.

Property Geek

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