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Hello, I’m looking for some help, please.

One of my rental properties is an ex-local authority terrace. The immediate neighbour of my property has not maintained his house or garden since he bought it in 2004. Trees are higher than telegraph wires, ivy has overtaken his garden and I can’t maintain some parts of my property or its boundaries due to this person’s wilful neglect.

In the Deeds, Clause 2 says it is to be used as a private dwelling house….’nor do to or suffer to be done in upon or to the property any act or thing which shall or may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the Corporation or any person or persons for the time being owning or occupying any adjoining or neighbouring property’.

The landlord lives remote from the property, doesn’t visit it and lets it to students ‘on the cheap’. They have no garden implements supplied to them apart from a blunt pair of shears.

I have sent photos every year to this errant landlord. Always the same excuse: I am ill, I can’t get there, I’ll see to it…bla, bla, bla. He doesn’t – he hasn’t made one improvement since 2004. The house’s EPC expired years ago.

How do I enforce this Clause 2?

NB: I’ve tried looking on the Land Registry website – but the link appears to be broken.

Thank you,


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