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I had a really interesting discussion about life insurance yesterday with a lady I’ve respected for many years. I will not embarrass her by publishing her full name as she doesn’t know I’m writing this. Some people reading this (former clients of The Money Centre in particular) and the lady in question if she reads it, will know who I’m referring to though. I will call her Ms T. She was one of the best buy to let consultants we ever had working at The Money Centre and always finished in the top 10 fee earners every year. Ms T literally went from being our tea lady to becoming an Associate Partner in the business whist bringing up two lovely daughters as a single parent. She also managed to buy a few properties for investment too so I think you can begin to see why I have such respect and admiration for her achievements.

When The Money Centre pulled out of the buy to let mortgage market back in 2009 Ms T decided to become a financial advisor. She obviously still arranges lots of buy to let mortgages but what really surprised me was when she told me that landlords also ask her to arrange their life insurance. Most of the landlords I talk to aren’t interested which is why we never sold life insurance at The Money Centre. Ms T said that’s what she used to think too but her opinion now has completely changed and she explained why. Continue reading Should buy to let landlords buy life insurance?

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