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Property118 Landlords Newsletter – Issue 70 Newsletter, Property118 News

In amongst all the headlines we have got some great news of our own this week and when you visit Property118.com you will discover some significant and beneficial changes.

You will immediately notice that the design of the website and our brand identity has changed to reflect the integration of our new strategic partner, Thomson Local. Also, thanks to input and user feedback we have also improved site functionality, navigation and usability. Continue reading Property118 Landlords Newsletter – Issue 70

Landlord Tax Cheats Targeted by HMRC Task Force Latest Articles, Tax & Accountancy

Buy to let landlords evading tax face a crack down from a new HM Revenue and Customs task force.

Tax inspectors will target buy to let landlords with portfolios of three or more properties in the North West and North Wales. Continue reading Landlord Tax Cheats Targeted by HMRC Task Force

Should you pay off that buy to let mortgage? Latest Articles

Calculator on financial newspaper

Should you pay off B2L mortgage?

Buy to let landlords often wonder if paying their mortgage off early is a good investment.

The answer is it depends on the borrower.

Most of us prefer not to have debt – but as a property business, landlords need to recognise some debt is good and some is bad. Continue reading Should you pay off that buy to let mortgage?

Landlords could do more to save money on taxes say Paragon Latest Articles, Tax News

paragon logoMany landlords surveyed by Paragon could save money on tax, they’ve found not all were as efficient as they could be.

Of those questioned, less than half are claiming their advertising (45%), transport costs to visit your property (49%) and on any energy efficiency improvements (41%) as tax allowances. Continue reading Landlords could do more to save money on taxes say Paragon

Pacific Limited Chartered Accountants – Landlord Tax Advice Tax and Accountancy

Logo for Pacific LimitedSpecialists in Landlord Tax and Accountancy, Pacific Limited Chartered Accountants in Norwich, established in 1982, look after the tax affairs of buy to let landlords and property investors.  The founders of the business have invested personally into property for years.

There are only two things certain in life, death and taxes.  Pacific have a goal to minimise the latter.  The structure of your business can have a huge affect on your tax bill. Whether you trade as a limited company, sole trader or partnership, keeping up to date with complex taxation legislation is essential.  Pacific Limited do this for you so that you can focus on making money and leave Pacific to worry about working out the best way to keep your tax bill to a minimum.

Pacific Limited’s services include: Continue reading Pacific Limited Chartered Accountants – Landlord Tax Advice

Get ready for HMRC buy to let landlord tax blitz Guest Articles, Latest Articles, Tax & Accountancy

Guest Blog provided by Steve Sims, author of “Understanding And Paying Less Property Tax For Dummies”. Steve and his wife also have a boutique accountancy business which specialisis in providing taxation advice and accountancy services for property investors. Continue reading Get ready for HMRC buy to let landlord tax blitz

Toilet Brush Cleaning – Ask Me Anything Advice, UK Property Forum for Buy to Let Landlords

Toilet Brush Cleaning - Ask Me AnythingHi, my name is Mohammed Crapper, a distant relative of the late John Crapper (inventor of the flushing toilet) and I’m a professional Toilet Brush Cleaner – Ask Me Anything.

I qualified as a Toilet Brush Cleaner with the Royal Institution of Toilet Brush Cleaning in 1979 and now employ a team of 5,000 professionals in Curry houses worldwide.

If there is anything you would like to know about Toilet Brush Cleaning I will be delighted to provide an answer. Just ask a question in the comments section below.


We got your attention though didn’t we? 🙂

We will soon be launching a new section call “Ask Me Anything”

This will be hosted exclusively by Property118 Members who are experienced and qualified experts in their field.

For example, a forum called …..

“Inventories – Ask Me Anything” would be run by an experienced and qualified inventory clerk.


“Landlord Tax = Ask Me Anything” would be run by a qualified tax accountant specialising in working with landlords.

In time we hope to have hundreds of specialists running these forums.

Responses from hosts will be linked back to their member profiles so it will be an excellent way for them to engage with their target market. All readers will be able to ask any question they like which relates to the hosts profession.

The host will be automatically notified by email whenever a new question is raised.

“Ask Me Anything” forums will be promoted in our site navigation and also in our eNewsletters which have a distribution of over 500,000 per week.

The SEO benefits to hosts will be immense due to the SEO expertise we have here at Property118 and will continually improve as more Q&A’s are added due to “Rel=Author” coding.

We can’t guarantee to offer you the PR benefits of being appointed as an “Ask Me Anything” host but we can guarantee that all comments you make in our forums will link back to your member profile.

If you would like to apply to become a host of an “Ask Me Anything” forum the first thing you will need to do is become a member and create an authoritative profile. Then complete the form below.

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