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RICS says that the EPC scheme ‘needs improvement’ Buy to Let News, Landlord News, Latest Articles, Property News

With residential landlords facing the prospect of meeting an EPC rating of C by 2025 for their rental properties, comes news from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) that EPCs are no longer fit for purpose and ‘need improvement’.

In a report, the organisation says that a shakeup is necessary if the UK wants to deal with reducing carbon in buildings.

RICS also highlights there are several ‘critical gaps’ in the country’s carbon policy that need to be addressed if the government wants to meet its net-zero goals by 2050.

They also say that the current metrics for building performance do not translate easily into the building’s total carbon output.

RICS says that these gaps mean there’s a challenge in tracking a building’s carbon output and discovering whether retrofits are achieving their stated reductions.

Also, the data of the embodied carbon output of the building is ‘too sparse’

Government needs to improve the EPC scheme

In its report, Decarbonising UK Real Estate, RICS says the government needs to improve the EPC scheme to make it fit for the different purposes that it serves.

The report goes on: ‘Significant improvements can be made to the way EPCs are calculated, presented and used’.

RICS is also calling for a national programme to fund retrofit projects – as laid down by the Construction Leadership Council in the National Retrofit Strategy.

The organisation says there is a lot to recommend in improving housing stock in the face of rising energy bills which will lower bills, boost values and indoor conditions and create employment.

‘Crucial changes need to be made’

Fabrizio Varriale, the place and space analyst at RICS, said: “Crucial changes need to be made in the way that carbon output is tracked in the UK’s built environment.

“By implementing the policy recommendations set out in this report, the UK Government will maximise the impact that sustainability policies in the built environment sector will bring to achieving its net-zero goals by 2050.”

He added: “This is an opportunity to radically shake up the sector and place it at the forefront of the UK’s carbon reduction initiatives by advancing a scientifically focused and data-driven sector that swiftly reacts and implements the changes needed to meet carbon output goals.”

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