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Inventory Disputes Could be Reduced, Say AIIC Buy to Let News, HMO's & Student Lets, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

The AIIC have told landlords again to ensure their inventories are up to scratch, as landlords continue to end up on the wrong side of dispute results.

According to the DPS data, damage to property, cleaning and gardening issues are making up a large portion of the landlord tenant disputes. Continue reading Inventory Disputes Could be Reduced, Say AIIC

Property118 Landlords eNewsletter – Issue 62 Latest Articles, Newsletter, Property118 News

This week saw more improvements to the Property Services Directory, you can list yourself now if you haven’t already or search the 740+ businesses in the directory. Discount Lettings are still well ahead with testimonials and you can see who the top 10 companies by testimonials in this week’s featured articles.

Featured Property News Articles This Week

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A month into the directory, here are the ten companies with the most testimonials.
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Your Property Network offer valuable tips to investors on deposit recycling.
The New Kids on the block
Ben Reeve-Lewis believes a Social Letting Agent may revolutionise the market.
HMO Landlords warned to put their homes in order
Landlords have been warned to ensure they have the correct licences as more HMO landlords have been caught out.
Unaffordable House Prices Need to Drop 25%
Fitch Ratings believe house prices will only become sustainable if they drop by 25%.
Request for Feedback From Buy to Let Mortgage Brokers & Lettings Professionals
We’re looking for your opinions on the buy to let number crunchers on Property118.com.


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Disputes Still Favour Tenants According to DPS Cautionary Tales, Latest Articles

Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) logo

"Over 1,000 disputes in three months prompts AIIC to offer advice"

After another bad few months for landlords in tenant disputes, the AIIC have issued more tips to help landlords in adjudications.

According to The Deposit Protection Scheme’s findings, June 1st to August 19th saw over 1,000 disputes with 60% due to damage to property. Cleaning costs played a part in 40% of the disputes and redecorating in 31%. Many disputes cited more than one reason, cleaning costs incurred due to damage for example creating the skewed figures. Continue reading Disputes Still Favour Tenants According to DPS

Why landlords need an inventory and how to do it Guest Articles, Guest Columns

Prior to the introduction of the TDPS in 2007 a landlord could choose not to prepare an inventory for his property (and most did choose not to) or, alternatively, the inventory prepared was extremely basic. However, if a landlord now wishes to protect his property, he absolutely must ensure that a complete and thorough inventory is prepared and that the tenant has signed the inventory to confirm they have accepted it.

Landlord/tenant disputes at the end of a tenancy are becoming increasingly common as tenants are recognising that the pendulum has swung firmly in their favour. 92% of disputed cases are in fact being found in favour of the tenant.

So how does a landlord prepare a proper inventory? Continue reading Why landlords need an inventory and how to do it

Cheryl Cole is the Nation’s top room-mate Latest Articles

Cheryl Cole topped a poll of ideal celebrity room-mates

If you’re thinking of your ideal celebrity tenant, would you think practically and pick a chef, handyman, cleaner or interior designer? Apparently not, Cheryl Cole topped the poll of 1000 tenants questioned by The DPS.

She took 8% of the votes helping Singers and Bands to take an overall 29% of the voting.

The closest celebrities to Cheryl Cole were Johnny Depp and David Beckham on 4% and 3% respectively with many more names dropped in from all corners of the celebrity world. Actors followed the Singers closely with a collective 28%. Even Robocop got a mention. Continue reading Cheryl Cole is the Nation’s top room-mate

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