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Know your market. Are you targeting students, couples, professional singles, holiday or executive renters? What level of return are you anticipating? Each of these markets will require a slightly different approach to the way in which you decorate your property.

Neutral colours are still the norm for stylish rental properties and a polypropylene carpet which is bleach cleanable on underlay is also a good idea. It’s always best to consider putting a better quality carpet down, although there are some ok looking, cheap, felt back carpets at around £4/ sq metre- they really won’t last or look as good for as long as a better quality one. Light colour carpets can also be off putting as tenants will worry about marks so consider wood flooring or even a vinyl in some areas. Continue reading Rental Decorating Tips

Is Decorex Losing Its Voice? Latest Articles, Property Development

Decorex has always been considered the best of the Design Shows. They have a reputation for finding and steering new talent forward, it’s innovative, cutting edge and full of great ideas- they are the Milan catwalk of the Interiors world.

Or are they now? Is there just a bit, well a lot, of the  “Emperor’s New Clothes” about them.

I didn’t go this year, but I have visited this exhibition in the past. I was desperate to find out what was new, what was hot, who to look out for. So, I did what any socially media aware person does and took to Twitter. Using the hashtag #decorex and following links back- Continue reading Is Decorex Losing Its Voice?

Paint It Red Guest Articles, Latest Articles, Property Development

"Ally looks at painting your buy to let"

A recent report from B&Q suggested that red was the most popular colour choice in the paint stakes. They, like me, will attribute that to a feature wall colour in homes. The report also suggested magnolia had ceased to be the favourite wall colour.

A few things are apparent here, red isn’t the predominant wall colour, but has always been a fail safe “feature wall” colour – and magnolia bit the dust years ago in favour of shades of white – yes, there is a difference!

Of course this ties in with people not moving home, but actually making their space more personal to them.  Red isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! Continue reading Paint It Red

The Art of Wallpapering Guest Articles, Latest Articles

Whether you are wallpapering an entire room or just a feature wall, here are a few pointers.

It is quite straightforward to calculate how much wallpaper is required.

  1. Measure the height of room, either from ceiling to skirting, or picture rail to skirting for full walls. Add on the pattern repeat.
  2. Now measure right round the room. Check the width of the paper, most are generally 52 cm but some specialist papers will be wider width. Divide the width of the room by the width of the paper.  Now you know how many drops are required, ie pieces of wallpaper.
  3. Look at the wallpaper roll length. If you have measured 2.9 metres from ceiling to floor and need 31 drops, and your paper is 10 metre roll length- how many 2.90 pieces can you get from roll? In this case it is only 3 full pieces. 31 divided by 3 = 10.33333. So here you need 11 rolls. Some decorators may not require full repeat to work with, but better to be safe than sorry. Continue reading The Art of Wallpapering

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