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“Don’t Shoot The Messenger!” Harassment vs Chasing Overdue Rents Financial Advice, Guest Columns, Landlord Law, Lettings & Management

When a tenant has beef with their landlord, I’m the guy they go to. My job is to either negotiate or prosecute, depending on the circumstances. This occasional and random series aims to let landlords know the common complaints that are made about them, the laws that cover them and how to deal with it.

My landlord keeps getting at me about my rent.

Rent arrears; the big bug bear of the lettings world. Your tenant owes you £3,000. They started by telling you there was a death in the family, or similar tragedy, which means they need a payment break.

You, being a reasonable soul, come to some sort of arrangement that will help them defer rent and pick up the slack later on. Trouble is, when it comes time to pay you can’t get hold of them. They don’t answer the phone and are never in when you call. Continue reading “Don’t Shoot The Messenger!” Harassment vs Chasing Overdue Rents

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