Stay safe and stay fit – Mind, Muscles and Money

Stay safe and stay fit – Mind, Muscles and Money

11:24 AM, 7th April 2020, About 2 years ago

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Keep your mind and body fit. We’re all very conscious of that, and so many of us now go out of our way to include a (socially distancing) walk, run, bike ride, even yoga and a daily dose of Joe Wicks PE too. Excellent, and so we should keep fit.

However, we should also keep our financial health ‘fit’ as well. Mind, Muscles and Money – keep them all fit and healthy, because all of them are so important now and in the future.

I know, I get it, dealing with figures, spreadsheets and stopping to think about financial security, estate planning and profit and loss, is not everyone’s cup of tea, but now more than ever, it so very important to stop, review, and amend (if necessary), and then diarise a future review.  If you don’t, then the financial, emotional and practical consequences that you (and/or your family) will have to deal with could be so destructive.

We know that everyone is under-insured.  FACT. Don’t tell me you have enough.  Do you honestly have sufficient critical illness cover and income protection cover and family income benefit and mortgage protection and family life insurance … all at the lowest possible cost, with the correct flexible features and ‘add-ons’ built in too?  And in Trust?  Be truly honest, because ultimately you have to face the consequences of inaction, not your bank, your lender or your creditors, just you and your family and heirs.  So, please read on …

  1. Did you take out your cover when you were a smoker?  I can reduce your costs right now.
  2. Did you change your mortgage and either extend the term, borrow more, or even pay off a lump sum, but you never changed your life cover at the same time?  I can adjust your cover for you right now
  3. Did you buy or sell a property from your BTL portfolio, but you didn’t adjust your life cover that was covering your BTL mortgages?  I can correct this cover for you right now.
  4. Is all of your life insurance properly set up in Trust, and the Trustees know exactly what their legal responsibilities are?  No … I didn’t think so either, but I can help to put this all in order right now.
  5. Have you changed any of your properties from ownership in your own name in to a partnership or Ltd Company status?  And if you have, did you also change your life cover to the new Ltd company at the same time?  You can benefit from brilliant company life insurance which is so much more tax efficient too.  I can switch this for you right now.
  6. And for you and your family, we all know that people’s health, jobs and families change, and when yours did, did you adjust your cover based on your new needs too?  I can review this and update it all for you right now
  7. Did you buy a policy from your bank or via an estate agent’s mortgage ‘salesperson’?  You are paying loaded premiums.  FACT.  I can cut your costs right now
  8. Would you like a free review?
  9. And …. Would you like a free basic Single or Mirror Will??

Did you say yes to one or more of the above? You need to contact me right now.

For every review (which we do at no cost to you), we will make our formal and professional recommendations for any required adjustments to your life insurance and/or mortgage requirements.

And … if you apply for a new life insurance and/or mortgage arrangement through us, we will arrange a new legally binding, professionally drawn up, fully insured basic Single or Joint (mirror) Will – for absolutely no cost to you, saving you up to £130.00 off of the usual standard price.

Yes, you read that all correctly.  Free review, free Will, saving up to £130, no obligation to take us up on this offer, everything confirmed in ‘black and white’, no hard sell … just a professional overview, formal recommendations, and a no cost estate planning service too.

We want to make sure our Clients and their families and business are properly insured (there is a £1 trillion ‘protection gap’ in the UK (Swiss Re research and insight)), we want to make sure all appropriate policies are written in Trust (most aren’t), we want to help our Clients have the most conditions covered (policies change all the time), with the best flexible features included and at the lowest cost, and of course we want to make sure that everyone has at least a basic Will in place (common stats show that 7 out of 10 people don’t even have  basic Will).

We want to help the Property118 community to have the right financial fitness regime.  H D Consultants has worked with Property118 for many years and we value you all very highly.  In times such as these that we are all going through at the moment, my Team of Advisers and Brokers remain steadfastly in place to offer you all of the above, as always.

A Free Review, a Free Will, proper cover, lowest cost …. All it takes is a phone call to look at what you have, what you need, and what are your options.

Contact our Team of  Advisers via the form below, and we will call you back (at our expense, too).

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