So you think your property portfolio is as “Safe as Houses”!

So you think your property portfolio is as “Safe as Houses”!

10:39 AM, 29th May 2013, About 11 years ago

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So you think your Estate is as “Safe as Houses!Property investors are passionate about building property portfolios, income and the potential for growth and take a lot of time and effort in financing and planning their properties and assets.

But are the portfolios effectively protected for family and loved ones in the future?

In essence, is your estate ‘as safe as houses’?

Incredibly, there is still a high percentage of the population who don’t even have a basic Will in place.

Writing a Will is so fundamentally important, and should be a major priority for everyone in property, and in particular those with dependant families.

A basic Will is a good start but is only half the story.

Landlords and investors should of course support this with professional Estate Planning and protection strategies.

Obviously it will depend on your own personal circumstances as to what type of Estate Planning is right for you.   No two Estates are the same and cannot be placed into a specific box and labelled with an off the shelf solution.

It is timely to remind you that if you have not organised (or updated / reviewed) your own Estate/Legacy planning then you really should not leave this to chance, or worse, unwittingly hand a tranche of your estate and wealth to the Capital Taxes Office under the title of Inheritance Tax.

Many families are no longer conventional and we are now a very diverse and varied society, sometimes involving more than one family in our lifetimes.  Do not leave to chance what you feel strongly about today until tomorrow – tomorrow may in fact be too late!

I am an Estate Planning Adviser and our Company is a long established firm of financial Advisers, Will Writers and Estate Planners, working within a national network of financial experts to help provide the appropriate advice, wherever you are in the UK.

We are also member of the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners.  The Directors of our business are landlords also and are therefore likeminded and passionate about investment property portfolios and their protection.

To arrange a meeting to review your current situation and provide you with options for the Estate planning going forward then please complete the form below to ensure a follow up call with you personally.

Our initial meetings are entirely at our expense, yet we provide a professional, high quality level of service and we look forward to working with you to make sure your property portfolio is ‘as safe as houses’, too.

Article written by Caroline Maguire, H D Consultants

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