Rent Increase Survey – Update

Rent Increase Survey – Update

9:52 AM, 7th November 2018, About 4 years ago

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We have had an excellent 304 responses so far and 290 of these are from landlords. We would very much appreciate your assistance in asking tenants to complete the survey as well please.

To all Property118 members and readers please see the Surveymonkey ‘Rent Increase Survey’ and pass on to as many tenants as you can.

Click Here to start the survey.

This has been devised conjunction with Possession Friend and assisted by Heather Gillham to gauge the public awareness for the causes of Rent increases.

Don’t all shout out at once, because landlords already know the answer. It’s the Extra Tax burden of Section 24 along with Licensing and all the other costs that the government loads onto Landlords

The object of the survey is to prove the public know it as well and the only people left to be convinced (aided by the results of the survey) are the government and maybe some tenant groups who know it, but strategically choose to ignore it.

It starts by asking if you are a Landlord, Aspiring home owner, Student tenant, Tenant and then the following:

  1. 70 Councils have introduced Selective Licensing which is charged to Landlords. How much do you think the license costs per property on average ?
  2. Which of the following are classed as Criminal offences
  3. What percentage of landlords do you think are large corporate property owners ?
  4. In a recent study, how many landlords said they had experienced rent arrears
  5. How long on average does it take to evict a tenant who hasn’t paid their rent, or has broken the terms of their tenancy, using a Section 21 notice.
  6. Whilst most tenancy agreements are for a fixed term of 6 – 12 months, how long do you think the average tenancy lasts.
  7. Who do you think instigates the most repossessions of rental properties
  8. What percentage of tenancies are ended at the tenant’s request.
  9. Finally, how do you think landlords will manage to pay the extra costs brought on by additional government / council legislation.

Publicity around this survey and its results could result in a major boost for Landlords, alleviating and re-directing some unfair criticism that’s leveled at us by various organisations and the media for some time.

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