Q2 Update – Landlord Tax Planning 2021

Q2 Update – Landlord Tax Planning 2021

16:00 PM, 26th April 2021, About 2 years ago

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In this video interview, Chartered Accountant Andrew Roberts discusses recent and possible new changes to the tax system affecting UK Private Rented Sector landlords with Mark Alexander, founder of the Property118 Tax team.

Learn more about the extra Stamp Duty now payable payable by UK property buyers who reside overseas, including British ex-pats and any non-resident including Limited Companies owned by non-residents. As a non-resident himself, these changes affect Mark Alexander too, even if he buys additional property through a UK company!  However, might a ‘Smart’ property company structure where the majority of the voting shares are also freezer shares owned by his UK stepson side-step this issue?

Other topics of discussion are potential changes to Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance tax and what landlords can do now to ensure that future growth in the value of their properties accrues outside their estate for the purposes of inheritance tax calculations.

Did you know the nil rate band for inheritance tax has now been frozen at £325,000.

There’s lot’s more too, but for that you need to watch the video.


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